Take a look at these 10 best jobs that you can start remotely

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Remote jobs for students can be lucrative, pay well, and set you on a successful career path. A college student can conveniently earn reasonable income that can sustain them throughout their school year without going broke or deep in debt

In recent years, the opportunities for online jobs from home for students have gained tremendous popularity. This is because most of the students these days look for an extra source of income for ensuring that they can get the right kind of financial support for meeting the college fees and other expenses.

Being a college student is freakishly expensive. Between the cost of tuition, supplies, and just plain living, it's no wonder most college students are flat out broke. The truth is, there are many ways you can earn money in college without taking a stressful job and having your grades suffer.

The young generation is in the best position to take advantage of these opportunities. The only real obstacle to you earning money while studying full time is psychological. Most people tend to make excuses, like not knowing where to start, or not having the time.

Some of the best jobs for college students are ones you can do from anywhere. Whether it’s a part-time job with a flexible schedule or a series of freelance gigs, there are online paid positions where you can work from your dorm room or wherever you happen to be.

Here is a list of easy ways you can earn money online, which means you can often set your own schedule and work from the comfort of your own dorm or your favorite study spot!

So are you ready to start earning money in college? Great! Let's dive into the list...

Why should students do Work From Home Jobs?

Before we begin, let’s talk a little about the necessity and the benefits of finding work during your schooling years itself. Apart from helping your family, working while in school gives you some sort of financial independence for your social activities. There are other benefits as well:

  1. You learn the value of hard-earned money
  2. Gives important lessons about time-management
  3. Can help you understand the need and importance of budgeting from an early age
  4. Helps build confidence for having scored a job at such a young age

Working from home pros and cons

Advantages of remote working:

  • Less commuting time.
  • More autonomy.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Better work–life balance.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Increased motivation.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Reduced need for office space.

Challenges of remote working:

  • Can lead to longer working hours.
  • Overlaps between work and personal life.
  • Work intensification.
  • The strain on teams.

10 Best Work From Home Jobs for Students in 2021

1. Graphic designer

If you are good with online skills of editing photos or using different Adobe applications like Photoshop, becoming a graphic designer is the best way to earn money online. As everyone from companies to individuals wants cool-looking digital art to use on their websites, social media profiles, and brochures, etc. the need for graphic designers is booming right now.

One of the best ways companies keep and retain their customers’ attention is through attractive design and graphics. If you’ve got this skill, then you can start making money online today.

People who enjoy being creative and working in a variety of styles and aesthetics are often well-suited for a career in graphic design. You could also take full control of your workload by joining the gig economy, giving you the utmost flexibility. If you have experience designing logos and T-shirts or using computer software to create brochures, advertisements, and book covers, you could make good money working from home.

There are many online jobs for college students who know a thing or two about graphic design. You can design flyers, edit photos, design logos, and so much more.

2. Freelance writer

Our list of online jobs for college students would be incomplete without freelance writing. The best part about this option is that you don’t need much to get started. Besides having a computer and internet access, all you really need is the ability to write grammatically-free and engaging sentences.

Freelance writers create written content for clients based on both the needs of the client and the writer's area of expertise. This can include technical, marketing, and creative writing. People who enjoy collaborating with others and have a skill for written communication should consider pursuing a remote freelance writing position.

If you’re a good writer, you can apply to write for blogs, magazines, journals, and even newspapers that publish their content online. Bloggers, journalists, technical writers, and editors who know how to plan and present content and meet deadlines face a competitive market.

Freelance writing is one of those online jobs that pay well because there’s a big need for writers, as more and more companies aim to provide quality content to their audiences. Besides excellent writing skills, you’ll need a passion for the particular niche you’ll be working in, like tech or fashion, for instance.

3. Social Media Manager

Companies often look for younger people who innately understand social media and know what's cool to help them manage their social media platforms. If you’re constantly connected anyway, you may be able to turn some of that time into a paycheck.

As the name implies, you are responsible for managing the social media account of a company. You converse and establish good relations with people.

Social media managers build communities for companies on social media, engage these communities in conversations (for example, getting a lot of comments), and encourage them to take some sort of an action (like reading a blog post, signing up to an email list, or buying a product).

Through this, leads are generated and these leads soon become potential clients /customers for the company. Your goal is to engage with as many people as possible and influence their buying decision.

4. Online Tutor

Online tutoring can be fun when you’re a master in any given field/subject. There are tons of videos online offering tutorial lessons and this is only the beginning.

Learning is gradually shifting from a physical classroom to a virtual classroom. So if you are knowledgeable in any field, it’s time to commercialize your knowledge.

If you’re doing well in college, it’s easy to think everyone else is too, but the truth is that many people struggle with passing their courses. You could make a living by helping them out and teaching them what you know.

But don’t stop with fellow college students. You can also teach kids – from elementary school to high school, there are plenty of kids who could use your help.

It does not have to be academically related, if you’re interested in the latest fashion, health and wellness, consultation, music it open to you.

5. Virtual Assistant

If you’ve ever wondered if there are online jobs for someone with basic skills, then becoming a virtual assistant (VA) might be a good option for you.  The best thing about VA jobs is that you can work as little or as much as you want, which makes them ideal for busy people who may have limited availability because of other commitments.

You can earn money online by becoming a virtual assistant. Many people and businesses are starting to outsource all of their administrative work, like emails, organization, research, and other tasks. If this is interesting to you, know that virtual assistants can earn a few hundred dollars or more per month. All you need is a computer (which you probably have), and the ability to dedicate a certain amount of time a week to admin work.

If you are an organized and motivated individual, try finding an online assistant job. Through Boldly or Belay, you can start doing pretty much anything from scheduling meetings and conferences to social media and website work.

The jobs are typically fast-paced, but the work itself is easy to understand in most cases. Because virtual assistants work in many different fields, the pay range is broad. Usually, you can get started with as little as a high school diploma, and start bringing in $15.72 per hour with your skills.

6. Interpreter/translator

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, translation skills are valuable. If you are multilingual, you can find work from home jobs focusing on that capability.

Translators convert written text from one language into another. They can work as freelancers or contractors for businesses, individuals, and government agencies, and they typically complete their work from home on a computer. Freelance translators often have a high earning potential based on the specialized skill set required to translate text into less common languages.

If you have a native-level proficiency in English and at least one other language, you can find work-from-home gigs with schools, hospitals, courts, corporations, and other public and private sector entities. Interpreters work in a spoken language or sign language; translators work with written or audio documents.

You’ll receive written or audio materials that you’ll convert from one language to another. As long as you are accurate and secure a great reputation, you could earn a median annual salary of $49,930 for your troubles.

7. Data entry Specialist

You can become a data entry specialist quite easily, and this can be an ideal ongoing side job for a college student, as it is a flexible job and doesn't require any specialized skills. Anyone who is good at typing can become a data entry specialist without much effort. The average pay is $12 to $13 an hour, and you can look for jobs on any freelancing site.

A data entry specialist sometimes called a data entry operator or clerk, inputs information from handwritten or physical records into a computer system. Online data entry jobs require you to input alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data into a system.

It might not sound like tons of fun, but it’s an online job that can pay well! Plus, you can do the work whenever it suits your schedule. To excel in the role, consider bolstering your skills in computer programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Accuracy and attention to detail are the key attributes needed to become a successful data entry professional. If you choose this as a side hustle, your task will be to ensure that you enter or update company data (information) into a computer system.

8. Transcriptionist

One of the easiest online jobs is transcription. Transcriptionists have to listen to audio recordings and reproduce them in the form of text. This job also requires you to have great attention to detail and be incredibly fast at typing. While not the most popular job type, transcription can be a reliable income stream for someone with lightning-fast fingers.

This job is pretty simple. It requires listening carefully to audio and typing exactly what you hear. For a college student that needs an online job, this should fit into your schedule. No training is required to do this.

In these roles, the employer sends digital copies of recordings that need transcribing. The employee listens and writes down what they hear. While it sounds simple, it is a skill. After a short stint at a vocational school or community college, you’ll usually have what it takes and could be well on your way to earning $16.72 per hour.

If you type quickly, consider doing transcription work. There is a high demand for people to transcribe audio into text.

9. Online Blog

The best way to get started making money online–regardless of what you choose to do or sell–is to start a blog.

To meet up with changing trends, companies need to constantly upload new content to their blog. It’s a way to keep customers and potential customers excited and warm. Blogging offers that avenue and that’s how you can make money.

Blogging is rising to become one of the best ways to earn money online for students. As more and more students are understanding the power of blogging, more are penning down their thoughts about a variety of issues and topics onto popular blog-making sites like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly etc.

All it takes is to choose a topic and write extensively about it. Research is required to have quality blog content. You also earn money when you market through affiliate marketing and a sponsored post.

It would be good if you spend some time mastering the skills of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO allows your blog to be more visible to the users that search for the content you write and thus helps bring in more advertisements on your page.

10. Customer Service Jobs

Customer support agents handle customer inquiries by phone, email, or chat. If you've got strong interpersonal skills and a knack for dealing with customers, this can be a good way to earn extra money. Many of these jobs can be done remotely, and most have a flexible schedule.

Customer Service representatives interact with customers to provide information and support in response to inquiries about products or services and to handle and resolve complaints.

They may communicate with customers by telephone, email, chat, or mail. When you call to order something from a catalog or infomercial, the person on the other end of the line might be sitting in a home office.

Training is provided, and you will get to pick a set schedule from a variety of shifts in a 24-hour period. If you have great interpersonal skills and enjoy helping others, consider applying for an online customer service job. Just remember that you’ll need a quiet space to work.


Thanks to the digital age, working from home (or anywhere else) has never been easier. But of course, how much you earn depends on different factors, including the type of work you do and how much time you can spend on it.

At the end of the day, the possibilities for making money online while in college are endless. Gone are the days of scheduled shifts off-campus, punching a time clock. There's no reason to make excuses to avoid looking for a job as the opportunities abound. With any of the options listed above, you can go from broke college student to high earner in a short amount of time.

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