Assistant Market Manager

in , Florida (FL)

Manage clerical duties involved with shipments from order entry to clearance in the country. This includes but is not limited to order entry, shipment preparation for operations, customer communication, coordination of product inspection, preparation of certificates & final documents, the arrangement of freight and responsibility for legal exportation of goods from the USA, and customs clearance in the destination country.


  • All activities surrounding shipment preparation and coordination for operations to select, inspect and load. This includes but is not limited to adjusting orders to be routed for selection, arranging for product inspection, preparing inspection applications for USDA, USDC, and all government inspectors, shipment maintenance in SUS (Sysco Uniform System) to ensure that all warehouse documents print properly, preparation of warehouse documents (pull sheet, TBOL, packing list) and warehouse folder.
  • Preparation of specific documents required to export products from the USA as well as clear customs in the destination country.
  • Correspondence with the customer to provide pertinent information and resolve challenges with a sense of urgency.
  • Data entry in SUS (Sysco Uniform System) about order entry, hand pricing, booking information, delivery information, etc.
  • Coordination of freight with logistics teams to ensure timely delivery to end-user.



  • HSD or equivalent.

Professional Skills

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, advanced typing skills, organizational skills, ability to prioritize required.
  • Second language preferred.
  • Describe the most important decisions made by this position.
  • Most important decisions made fully independently:
  • Prioritization of daily tasks
  • Decisions made surrounding coordination of outbound shipments
  • Most important decisions made with review and approval of other individuals or supervisors (include the reviews/approvals required):
  • Product date approvals
  • Overall supply chain decisions
  • Sourcing products
  • AR (Accounts Receivable) and customer claim to the screen.

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Personal protective equipment and masks provided
  • Temperature¬†screenings
  • Social distancing guidelines in place
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning procedures in place

Other Details

  1. Job Type Full Time
  2. Map Location 1501 Lewis Industrial Dr 32254
  3. Category Management
  4. Posted 2 months ago