Fraud and Disputes Advisors

in Home Based

Monzo is looking for experienced Fraud and Disputes Advisors to help Monzo achieve Monzo goal of delivering the best service in the world to customers who are victims of fraud, or have disputes with merchants. The team also helps customers who have been scammed into sending their money away via bank transfer.

Unfortunately, Fraud is an unavoidable part of banking, and while Monzo is constantly working to prevent it, Monzo can't eradicate it completely.

Responsibilities :

  • Use the full set of tools in Monzo internal database in order to build a timeline of a customer’s fraud claim
  • Assess the evidence a customer provides us for chargeback eligibility
  • Question Monzo customers effectively and efficiently without influencing their answers, or making them feel interrogated – Monzo still want to delight Monzo customers whenever Monzo can!
  • Make fair decisions based on external regulations and internal policies, to deliver fair outcomes for Monzo customers

Qualifications :

  • You have experience of handling fraud and disputes cases within your role
  • You have an approach to problem solving that means you’re comfortable handling tasks that are slightly different every time.
  • You love doing deep investigations based on the customer’s story, while using all the tooling Monzo have available.
  • You’re comfortable making high value, sometimes emotionally difficult decisions.
  • You want to help Monzo customers who have been victims of a crime.
  • You’re passionate about helping Monzo customers’ when they are at their most vulnerable, while ensuring Monzo’re not exposing Monzo to financial crime.

Other Details

  1. Salary £22,500 per annum
  2. Job Type Full Time
  3. Job Location Home Based
  4. Category Consulting,Customer Service
  5. Posted Posted 1 month ago