Technology Services Manager

Kern County
Full Time $7,858 - $9,391 Per year CA 1350 Norris Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93308, United States


Examinations:Appraisal (Weight 100%): Will be conducted for the purpose of evaluating the applicant's training, education, experience, interest and personal fitness for the position. Appraisal can be based on any combination of the following: Investigation, oral exam and rating of the application.

Should an oral exam be necessary, the oral exam will be weighted 100% 

Applicants must attain at least 70% score on each phase of the examination process.

Minimum Qualifications/Employment Standards:  

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree including fifteen (15) semester or twenty-five (25) quarter units in computer science or management information systems AND four (4) years of paid experience in the management or coordination of office automation systems including both systems analysis, design, programming and the development, administration, and maintenance of web based or client/server applications for a department or organization, one (1) year of which included supervising technical staff OR two (2) years of paid experience as a Technology Services Supervisor in the Kern County classification system.

Qualifying experience must have been within the last eight (8) years.


Valid Class "C" California Driver's License is required at the time of appointment.

Full ob Description

Please ensure applicable materials are attached to your application. If you are unable to attach application materials to your application, you may email a copy to Nesrine Annan at  

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