Teacher Assistant

Providence Schools
Full Time $26,453 - $30,849 Per year RI 1655 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02909, United States


Providence Public Schools District (PPSD) seeks an exceptional BEHAVIOR SUPPORT ASSISTANT FLOAT who is excited to join our community of teachers, students and stakeholders. This is an exciting opportunity for teacher assistants who seek a challenging yet rewarding experience.

We serve approximately 22,000 students at 37 elementary, middle, and high schools. Approximately 55% of students come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken. Combined, our students and families speak over 55 different languages and hail from 91 countries of origin. In PPSD, the teachers and teacher assistants set high expectations for academic achievement, provide equal access to differentiated instruction, and endeavor to close the achievement and opportunity gap among historically marginalized subgroups within the schools.  PPSD is a great place for those who desire an environment that supports their creativity and ingenuity, and respects their credentials and abilities as a teacher and/or teacher assistant.

REPORTS TO:  Principal

The behavior support assistant will provide behavior support to students with severe behavioral and emotional challenges and assist the classroom teacher and school staff in the area of general behavior management.

NOTE: The safety of school children is an important responsibility of the teacher assistant program. As such, please note that all teacher assistants MUST be available for bus monitoring assignments and will be paid in accordance with the additional hours worked.

**Contingent upon funding**


Education Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree or 

  • 48 college credits or 

  • Passing score of 461 on the ParaPro Test 


RIDE Requirements:

  • Teacher Assistant Training Program Certificate


  1. Assist with data collection as related to individual student programs. 

  2. Implement classroom and individual level/point systems and individualized programs. 

  3. Intervene, monitor, and document behavior of students during crisis situations including time-out and physical interventions/restraint. 

  4. De-escalate problem behavior within the school setting. 

  5. Accompany students and implement behavior systems during specials, lunch, recess, and other times during the school day when the students are not in the special needs classroom. 

  6. Function as part of a team in creative problem solving related to individual students. 

  7. Assist with training other paraprofessionals in behavior management, crisis intervention, data collection. 

  8. Work as part of a team with service providers and outside service agencies to meet the students’ needs. 

  9. Take part in advanced training related to job specifications. 

  10. Actively participate in classroom activity as directed by the teacher. 

  11. Develop and train Providence staff in behavior plans and implementation. 

  12. Effect a positive learning environment. 

  13. Actively participate in teacher directed activities with the students. 

  14. Maintain positive student-staff relationships. 

  15. Plan and coordinate incentives for behavior classrooms. 

  16. Covers lunch in cafeterias at all sites. 

  17. Tech will be on time and monitor bus duty as per policy and procedure on the assigned day. 

  18. Assist with AM/PM transitions. 

  19. Provide FLOAT coverage for other behavior needs classrooms in emergency situations with advanced approval by Local Union 1033. 

  20. Follow policies and procedures regarding behavior management. 

  21. Use Reality Therapy or other psycho-educational methods to affect positive behavior change. 

  22. Attend 90% of scheduled staff and team meetings including days the Behavior Tech is absent, unless on excused extended leave of absence. 

  23. Attend 90% of supervision meetings with Behavior Tech Supervisor, unless there is a scheduling conflict due to changing needs of the school or on excused extended leave of absence. 

  24. Perform various duties as requested by the classroom teacher/Behavior Tech Supervisor/School Principal within the bargaining unit. 

  25. Ride the AM/PM bus as assigned. 

  26. Other duties as assigned. 

  27. Must be able to restrain Middle and High School students with behavior disorders when needed.