Temporary Animal Control & License Officer I

County of Riverside
Temporary $23 Per hour CA 6851 Van Buren Boulevard, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509, United States Apply before 6/25/2024 2:59



The County of Riverside’s Department of Animal Services is seeking to fill several

Temporary Animal Control & License Officer I positions in the Coachella location.

The incumbent will be responsible for receiving and investigating complaints and reports from the general public, homeowners, business community or other County agencies regarding stray, injured/dangerous or improperly controlled animals. Additional responsibilities include

maintaining detailed patrol records of animal control issues and 

issuing citations or notices of violations.

An Animal Control & License Officer's most important responsibility is serving as a public relations representative for the County. The selected candidate must be able to consistently provide the highest level of integrity, while upholding the law:

enforcement of Riverside County ordinances and State of California laws pertaining to the licensing, vaccination/disease recognition and treatment of animals.

It is the duty of the Animal Control & License Officer to continually extend customer service, even in emotionally charged circumstances, recognizing their responsibility as a public servant is to be empathetic while providing leadership and safety for themselves, the public, the business community and the animals.

About the Department of Animal Services!
The Riverside County   has a vision for promoting an environment of responsible pet ownership through progressive animal welfare initiatives, community outreach, and humane education in a culture of compassion, creativity, and integrity.  The Department of Animal Services believes the character of their organization is best reflected in the strong dedication of each one of their employees who strive to meet the highest standards of performance and compassion on behalf of the animals and people that they serve.  The Department of Animal Services operates four shelters located in Blythe, Jurupa Valley, San Jacinto and Thousand Palms.
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• Drive a vehicle to patrol jurisdictions overseen by Riverside County; enforce animal regulations, laws and ordinances; answer questions from the public concerning age, breed, characteristics, care, and treatment of animals; advise the public of legal rights, explaining and interpreting animal control laws, regulations, procedures, and policies; contact dog owners by house-to-house canvassing to locate unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs; check for valid rabies certificates, microchips, and verify signalment; collect and turn in license fees.

• Learn to prepare reports, citations, or notices of violation; maintain records and complete forms concerning animal control and license violations and transactions, proficiently utilizing software and databases relating to Department of Animal Services (DAS).

• Work cooperatively with other law enforcement groups when joint action is required; issue violation notices and court citations; collect evidence and appear in court as a witness, as necessary.

• Ensure County vehicles are kept adequately fueled and maintained; inspect vehicles daily prior to use to identify any physical damage; alert supervisor when vehicles are due for maintenance and repair.


• Receive and investigate complaints and reports from the public and other agencies regarding stray, dangerous, unwanted, or improperly controlled animals; tactfully handle complaints, trying to remedy problems; under guidance from an Animal Control and License Officer II, investigate and prepare minor animal cruelty cases.

• Learn to use tranquilizer guns or other means to control dangerous and/or injured animals as a last resort; answer emergency calls concerning persons bitten by animals.

• Learn to quarantine potentially rabid animals; check potentially rabid animals at intervals as directed and release animals from quarantine at the end of a safe time period, as directed; issue citations for violation of the quarantine.

• Pick up and transport stray, confined, sick, injured, or dead animals; impound animals and release impounded animals to owners; segregate, isolate, perform euthanasia, and dispose of ill, injured, unwanted, or aged animals.

• May be assigned to any shift and required to be available on standby or on-call basis.


• Learn to photograph and gather all pertinent facts of any issues pertaining to violations and citations; create activities in Chameleon database for follow-up with ongoing compliance of issues with the animal's welfare or physical environment.

• Post, file, and maintain citations on a daily basis; research County G.I.S. system for property owner information

• Refer public to veterinary clinics and/or low-cost or subsidized veterinary services.

• Maintain daily records of canvassing inspections and enforcement efforts; learn to prepare required documentation for legal actions; testify in court proceedings as needed for violations; access centralized information systems or databases to retrieve and enter data.

• Perform property rechecks under certain circumstances to verify compliance.

• May assist during vaccination clinics and/or offsite events as necessary.

• May, on rare occasions, pick-up stray or dead animals with capture equipment (e.g., catch poles, snake tongs, skunk poles, muzzles, nets, and/or cages); scan for microchip and research owner information; if applicable, transport to owner; issue citation for leash law violations and any other animal related violations; may arrange for impound if owner/ animal information is not available or owner is not available at the time.


Animal Control & License Officer I

Hourly $23.2980 

Required Education: 

Graduation from high school or attainment of a satisfactory score on a G.E.D test.

Required Experience: 

Six months in an animal shelter, veterinary office, animal grooming, animal board and kennel facility, or similar setting which included the care and handling of animals.

Knowledge Of: 

Techniques and procedures for the safe, humane and efficient handling of animals; laws and ordinances governing the licensing, treatment, and impounding of animals; the symptoms of common animal diseases; common breeds of domestic animals and appropriate practices for their care and feeding; techniques of investigation, including interviewing and fact-finding.

Ability To: 

Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with the public and other employees; clearly explain animal control procedures and regulations to the public; exercise tact and good judgment in dealings with the public; handle animals humanely and safely; discharge firearms safely and accurately; read and comprehend laws and regulations pertaining to animal control and licensing; present evidence and testify in court cases; recognize symptoms of rabies and other animal diseases; maintain statistical records; access centralized information systems to retrieve and enter data; effectively communicate both orally and in writing.

License: A valid California Driver's license is required at time of application due to the driving required in this position.

Other Requirements: Complete a series of three Rabies vaccines within 30 days of employment; successfully complete Penal Code 832 training within six months of hire; successfully function in an environment with exposure to animal smells, dander, excrement, fluids and wounds.  


Please read and follow any special application instructions on this posting. Click the 'Apply' link located on this page to submit your application. For instructions on the application process, examinations, Veteran's preference, pre-employment accommodation or other employment questions, please refer to our web site, . A pre-employment physical examination and background check may be required.