Stormwater Utility Worker

County of Sacramento
Full Time, Permanent 24 per week $57,399 - $69,739 Per year CA 10151 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95829, United States Apply before 5/24/2024 5:00


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Under supervision, the Stormwater Utility Worker assists in the maintenance and repair of storm water collection and distribution facilities primarily within the boundaries of the Stormwater Utility in Sacramento County. These facilities include: channels, creeks, ditches, and other waterways; manholes, drain inlets, and underground pipelines; levees, water quality basins and detention basins; and drainage facility appurtenances and drainage facility access roads.

Examples of Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of 

  • Safety rules and procedures for working in drainage maintenance
  • The operation and maintenance of motor vehicles
  • The operation and maintenance of gas-powered tools such as mowers, weed eaters, and chainsaws; of hand tools and pneumatic tools such as the pick ax, hoe, shovel, rake, pitch fork, jackhammer, and saw; of sprayers and pumps; and other tools used to maintain, repair, and construct drainage facilities (underground pipelines, channels, creeks, and basins) and related appurtenances to include levees and embankments
  • Basic math in order to add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Basic computer operation in order to enter and retrieve information in designated software such as the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to receive and send e-mails, and complete routine forms and reports
Ability to
  • Read, write, and speak English at a level necessary for satisfactory job performance
  • Understand and follow oral and written directions
  • Operate a laptop computer and designated software in order to enter and retrieve information, receive and send e-mails, and complete routine forms and reports
  • Perform a variety of semi-skilled, heavy manual labor tasks relating to the construction repair, and maintenance of underground pipelines, channels, creeks, and basins and related appurtenances such as levees and embankments
  • Provide good customer service to the public and other customers and to establish good relationships with co-workers
  • Use hand and power tools in a safe and efficient manner
  • Operate motor vehicles safely
  • Apply pesticides and herbicides to control or to eliminate unwanted vegetation
  • Read and understand maps such as facility maps and Thomas Brothers Maps

Employment Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

Either: One year of full-time experience employed by the County of Sacramento in the class of Maintenance Helper or above.

Or: Two years of full-time experience performing tasks involved in (1) landscaping work, (2) the maintenance of drainage creeks, channels and basins, and/or (3) the construction, maintenance or repair of underground utilities such as drainage, potable water, or sewer.

Note: If the word "experience" is referenced in the minimum qualifications, it means full-time paid experience unless the minimum qualification states that volunteer experience is acceptable.  Part-time paid experience may be accumulated and pro-rated to meet the total experience requirements.

General Qualifications

License Requirement: A valid California Driver license, Class C or higher, is required prior to appointment. Incumbents must obtain a Tank endorsement and a valid California Driver License, Class B, within 90 days of appointment to the class. Failure to maintain the appropriate California Driver License and/or endorsement may constitute cause for personnel action from the class in accordance with Civil Service Rules or applicable bargaining agreement. Individuals who do not meet this requirement due to disability will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Age Requirement: Candidates must be 18 years of age prior to appointment because of the hazards of the job, as defined in the Fair Labor Standard Act.

Certification Requirement: Some positions in this class are required to obtain and maintain the Qualified Applicator Certificate from the Department of Pesticide Regulation, State of California, in order to apply herbicides and pesticides to aquatic and right-of-way areas. If designated, the Certificate must be obtained within one year of appointment to the class. Failure to maintain the Certificate may constitute cause for personnel action from the class in accordance with Civil Service Rule 11.4 or applicable bargaining agreement.

Physical Requirements:Positions in this class require the incumbent to be able to:

  • Perform heavy manual labor such as digging ditches and clearing brush/shrubs for extended periods of time
  • Audibly discern differences in the operation of equipment such as continuous rodders and Vactor or Vacon style pipe cleaning equipment
  • Work in a bent or kneeling position for over 15 minutes at a time
  • Work in awkward positions in tight spaces
  • Enter drains through 24 inch diameter entrances
  • Lift and carry materials (e.g. drainage inlet grates, jackhammers, concrete sacks, etc.) that weigh up to 60 pounds without assistance
  • Lift, carry and operate tools (e.g. back-pack sprays and jackhammers) that weigh up to 60 pounds without assistance
  • Move and/or manipulate heavy objects such as a PVC pipe weighing up to 300 pounds into position using hand tools (for example, straps and/or digging bar) and/or with assistance from at least one other employee.

Individuals who do not meet these requirements due to disability will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Working Conditions: Positions in this class require the incumbent to:

  • Work in all types of climatic conditions including inclement and very hot weather
  • Work in loud and noisy areas
  • Work in enclosed and tight spaces
  • Work around dust, dirt, noise, contaminated and non-contaminated water, chemicals, machinery and equipment with moving parts, moving vehicles, traffic, fumes and/or odors
  • Work in close proximity to dogs, cows, horses, etc.
  • Work in creeks, channels, basins, levees, and other stormwater structures which may be inhabited by spiders, snakes, skunks, rats, etc.
  • Work overtime, standby and call back. In particular, during periods of heavy rain and/or flood conditions, the repair and maintenance of storm water collection facilities is a 24 hours a day operation and all employees in this class will be subject to working night shifts, weekends, and holidays
Probationary Period 

The probationary period for this classification is six (6) months.

Application and Testing Information

 Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply immediately. All applicants must complete and submit an online County of Sacramento employment application by on the posted cut-off date. Click to apply.   

  • Employment applications and all documentation requested in this announcement must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the cut-off date. 
  • Employment Services is not responsible for any issues or delays caused by an applicant's computer or web browser. Applicants will be automatically logged out if they have not submitted their applications and all documentation prior to 5:00 p.m. on the cut-off date.
  • Your application should highlight all relevant education, training, and experience, and clearly indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications for the position as of the cut-off date.
  • Application information must be current, concise and related to the requirements in this job announcement. You may only apply for this recruitment once. Duplicate and incomplete applications will be disqualified.
  • A resume may be included with your application, however it will not substitute for the information requested on the application.

 Applicants are required to provide a full and complete response to each supplemental question. The Supplemental Questionnaire is located in the tab marked "Supplemental Questions". Please be descriptive in your response.  Responses of "See Resume" or "See Application", or copy and paste of work experience are not qualifying responses and will not be considered.   All candidates meeting the minimum qualifications by the cut-off date will have their Supplemental Questionnaire scored in the Formula Rate Examination. This examination will evaluate the relevance, level, recency, progression and quality of candidate's education, training and experience. The candidate's application or other materials will not be included in this examination. Therefore, the candidate's responses to the supplemental questionnaire should be thorough, detailed and complete. The score from the Formula Rate Examination will determine the ranking on the eligible/employment list for this job. All candidates competing in the testing process will receive written notice of their examination results by email. Notices can also be accessed in their inbox. Applicants achieving a passing score will be placed on the eligible list in rank order. The rank is determined by the test score attained from the examination.  Click for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)    For more information, please review the and submit an Employment Exam Reasonable Accommodation