Social Services Assistant

Baltimore County
72 per week $16 - $27 Per hour MD US Department of Health & Human Services, 7500 Security Blvd, Windsor Mill, MD 21244, United States


Regular Schedule:  34 hours per week

A Non-Merit vacancy exists in Children's Services, Department of Health and Human Services.

Non-Merit positions are not classified within the Baltimore County Government Classification and Compensation Plan.

A list of eligible applicants will be established based on the examination as outlined below.

Current and future vacancies occurring within this class may be filled from the list of eligible applicants.

All interested candidates must apply at this time. 

List all promotions and changes in job duties due to reclassification as separate work experience on your application.  Applicants must include the dates of the promotions and reclassifications.

Note:  Failure to complete all fields of the "Work Experience" section of the application will result in your application not being considered.  A resume will not be considered in determining your qualifications for a position.  Applicants selected for an interview may provide a resume at that time.

You can attach your transcript(s) or license(s) to your application.

Failure to submit proof of Licenses, Certifications and Education will result in your application not being considered. Proof of licenses, certifications, and/or education must be submitted with each application.

Examples of Duties

The role of the Children’s Service Division (CSD) Social Services Assistant/ Family Support Worker is to support and assist the CSD Social Worker in the delivery of Out of Home (OOH) intensive, clinical and concrete services to children placed in foster care to ensure their safety, wellbeing and permanence.  

Job Function and Other Assigned Duties

  • Transports children and/or parents safely and timely to appointments that will provide them with needed services to enhance the parent/child relationship.  
  • Provides customer service to both internal and external customers that meets or exceeds the standards set by the Department.
  • Supervises family visitation to provide safety of the child(ren) and direction to the parent(s) to enhance the parent/child relationship. Observation, verbalizing direction and role modeling are techniques used during the supervision of these visits. 
  • Negotiates visiting schedule with and between social worker, parents, children and/or foster care providers.
  • Teaches parenting and life skills to improve the overall ability level of parents/guardians who have their children in foster care by giving verbal tips, distributing material related to the subject matter, modeling and providing constructive feedback.  
  • Teaches budgeting and home management to improve the parents/guardians overall control of their finances and household through verbal instruction and use of charts/written financial plans.  
  • Assists to meet goals outlined on FSW request or service agreement or safety plan.
  • Prepares summary of contacts on progress of clients, services offered, assistance provided and overall documentation of family support work. 
  • Details efforts made and describes if the parent was cooperative and receptive to services offered.   
  • Provides written documentation that is required to be updated within 72 hours of contact in CHESSIE or via email to supervisor and social worker assigned to the case if one-time-only request or not assigned in CJAMS.    
  • Provides required written documentation on a monthly basis.  
  • Attends court review hearings, family team decision meetings, medical, therapy, educational or other appointments with client to provide supportive services or appropriate direction as necessary.  
  • Advocates for clients in crisis.
  • Keeps all interested parties informed of case status.   
  • Prepares leave accordingly, se-calendar up-to-date/accurate.  
  • Provides monthly stats. 
  • Attends all mandatory meetings and trainings.
  • Participates, as needed, in the agency’s mandated Emergency Operations and Quality Assurance obligation to provide mass care and shelter under the director of the County or State Emergency Operations Center, and to participate in quality improvement activities.
Examples of Other Duties

  • Additional duties, as assigned to support the Children’s Services Division. These duties, include but are not limited to, 
  • Answers the phone, distributes mass mail, prepares packets for training, files, scans documents, performs data base entry, etc.
  • Performs related duties as required
(Note: The duties and responsibilities listed above are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications for all positions in this class. They may not include all of the essential job functions of each position in the class. Each position may not be required to perform all of the essential job functions listed.)


High School Diploma and experience working in the field of human services.

Licenses and Certificates
Possession of a valid license equivalent to a noncommercial, class C Maryland driver's license is required at the time of appointment.

Proof of Licenses, Certifications and Education
Applicants are required to submit proof of licenses, certifications and education beyond high school to meet the required and preferred qualifications of the position. Diplomas or transcripts must show the applicant’s major field of study. 
Copies and unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Failure to submit proof of Licenses, Certifications and Education will result in your application not being considered. Proof of licenses, certifications, and/or education must be submitted with each application.

Applicants will be qualified based on an evaluation of their training and experience, as stated on their application, which includes answers to the supplemental questions.  Applicants must state the dates and duties of past and present experience clearly and completely for evaluation purposes.

Conditions of Employment

Employees hired after July 1, 2022 are required to participate in the Baltimore County Employees' Retirement System, with very limited exceptions. 

Working Conditions

  • Work involves exposure to uncomfortable or unpleasant surroundings.
  • Must visit families in their home, which can occasionally be infested with insects or vermin, may have unpleasant/foul odors, may have animals, may be overcrowded, and may be dirty.
  • Work requires use of protective equipment such as gloves, mask, etc. when working in deplorable and/or unsanitary home conditions.
  • Work involves exposure to hazardous conditions, which may result in injury.
  • Involves using one’s own personal vehicle to drive to and from home visits, to other community-based destinations, and occasionally to transport clients.
  • Requires driving into areas in the County, which may be unfamiliar with community or streets.
  • Involves occasionally driving in high crime areas in the County
  • Clients may possess weapons, participate in drug or human trafficking, or suffer from very contagious illnesses such as Hep C, HIV+, etc.
Medical Examination and Employment Background Investigation
Applicants selected for employment with Baltimore County must successfully complete a physical examination, drug screening and employment investigation, including, but not limited to criminal background, education certification and fingerprinting checks.