Respiratory Care Practitioner I

County of Santa Clara
Full Time $116,819 - $141,340 Per year CA 751 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, United States Apply before 5/21/2024 11:59


Under clinical supervision, to manage the prescribed respiratory care and treatment of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) patients; and to assist the physician in relation to the technical aspects of respiratory care.

Please note: All applicants are required to attach proof of a valid Respiratory Care Practitioner license or work permit issued by the State of California. 

The list established from this recruitment will be used for all vacancies throughout the Santa Clara County Health System (Saint Louise Regional (Gilroy), Valley Medical Center, O'Connor, De Paul Medical Center, O'Connor Sub-Acute). This may include full time, part time, and extra help positions.  If you are interested in these opportunities please fill out the appropriate questions. 

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Typical Tasks

  • Accepts clinical assignments in Medical/Surgical units, Emergency Department, Adult ICU units, Burn Unit and one of the specialty areas when assigned;
  • Manages Critical Care Life Support System;
  • Observes, monitors, evaluates, records and reports patient signs and symptoms, general behavior and general response to respiratory care treatment and diagnostic testing;
  • Initiates and monitors patients receiving oxygen/aerosol/mist therapy chest physiotherapy, sputum induction and humidification therapy;
  • Administers aerosolized pharmacological agents;
  • Transcribes, verifies and implements physician orders. Administers respiratory care related medication as ordered by physician;
  • Provides artificial airway care and assists other therapy services with evaluation procedures;
  • Identifies and evaluates abnormal respiratory characteristics;
  • Initiates appropriate therapy per Respiratory Protocols;
  • Attends and participates in MD rounds in patient care areas as needed;
  • Performs basic management of invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation;
  • Monitors and manages respiratory status during transport;
  • Participates in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as a member of the code team;
  • Responds to Rapid Response Calls as member of Rapid Response Team;
  • Assists with orientation/precepting of students and new employees;
  • Reviews patient charts for Respiratory care orders, patient history and condition; utilizes data to formulate Respiratory Care Plan for patient;
  • Gathers, assembles and transports necessary equipment;
  • Monitors and evaluates patients receiving mechanical ventilation by means of assessing patients' condition, interpreting lab data and communicating with physicians and nursing staff;
  • Assists with patient and family teaching of Respiratory Care equipment and procedures to expedite discharge;
  • Communicates persuasively with physicians and nurses to achieve goal oriented patient outcome;
  • Follows priorities as established by the Medical Directors of Respiratory Care Services;
  • Assists in the review/revision of departmental policies/competencies and procedures under the guidance of the Chief Respiratory Care Practitioner;
  • Gives and receives shift reports;
  • Participates in in-service education and other forms of knowledge enhancement in respiratory care;
  • Obtains and interprets Arterial Blood Gases;
  • Explains procedure to patient and provides patient and family education;
  • Sets up, monitors and evaluates patients receiving mechanical ventilation;
  • Assesses patient condition, interprets lab data, and communicates effectively with physicians and nursing staff;
  • Takes an assertive role in advancing patients per protocol;
  • Assists with ordering of home care patient equipment and provides discharge instructions;
  • Attends in-services and other forms of knowledge enhancement in respiratory care;
  • Performs arterial punctures;
  • Performs bedside pulmonary function diagnostic procedures;
  • Performs related work as required.

Employment Standards

Possession of a valid license to practice as a Respiratory Care Practitioner issued by the State of California is required for all Respiratory Care Practitioner I positions;


A valid Applicant Work Permit issued by the Respiratory Care Board of California subject to successful completion of the RCP licensing exam within 60 days of employment. Failure to pass the RCP licensing exam voids the work permit and will result in release from position.

Sufficient education, training and experience to demonstrate possession of the knowledge and abilities listed below.

Knowledge of:
  • Principles, methods and techniques of administering sustaining gases and their effect on the human body;
  • Anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and pharmacology pertinent to respiratory care;
  • Clinical applications including but not limited to gas, humidity and aerosol therapy, positive pressure breathing treatments, assisted and controlled mechanical ventilation, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and chest physical therapy;
  • Ethics and history of respiratory care;
  • Sterilization, microbiology and infection control measures;
  • Uses, care and maintenance of equipment used in respiratory care;
  • Effects of spinal cord injury and head injury on the respiratory system.
Ability to:  
  • Work independently with minimum supervision;
  • Work with a variety of technical and clinical variables;
  • Apply medical theory to the practice of respiratory care;
  • Select proper equipment to perform normal and emergency procedures;
  • Remain calm under stresses of workload, emergencies and patient emotions;
  • Analyze clinical patient information and make appropriate decisions regarding level and priority of treatments;
  • Communicate effectively with patients, staff and the public from varying educational, technical and cultural backgrounds;
  • Organize time to perform assignments;
  • Work proficiently with equipment specific to rehab including but not limited to roto-rest beds, wheelchair ventilators, liquid oxygen systems and phrenic nerve stimulator;
  • Function as preceptor for new employees and students in Spinal Cord and Head Injury Units, ER, ICUs, TCU and Medical/Surgical Floors;
  • Communicate persuasively with physicians and nurses to achieve goal oriented patient outcomes;
  • Assist physician with the technical aspects of respiratory therapy;
  • Obtain Arterial Blood Gases.