County of Santa Barbara
Full Time 24 per week $264,632 - $302,398 Per year CA 401 E Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436, United States


NOTICE OF CHANGE 5/21/24: The Position description has been updated with additional information.
SALARY$126.79 - $144.89 Hourly$264,632.21 - $302,398.64 Annually

 Bilingual allowance when applicable

 5% Special Duty Assignment allowance when regularly assigned to the

 Psychiatric Health Facility or when regularly assigned to work in North County positions in Lompoc and Santa Maria. 

New Hire Incentive:

The County has a generous hiring incentive program and may provide reimbursement for reasonable relocation expenses, and at the discretion of the CEO, can provide flexible relocation assistance, housing, student loan offsets, cash incentives, and/or vacation and sick leave pre-accruals in the interest of attracting the best talent to the organization.

  • Vacation:  12 to 25 days per year depending on length of public employment. 
  • Holidays:  12 days per year 
  • Sick Leave:  12 days sick leave per year. Unlimited accumulation, one year of which can be converted to service credit upon retirement.   
  • Health Plan:  Choice of medical and dental plans (with vision care). The county contributes toward the employee's premium.  
  • On-Site Employee Health Clinics in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria:  Provides ongoing and episodic services to eligible employees and their eligible dependents over age 15. 
  • Specialized Duty allowance when applicable. 
For more information on County of Santa Barbara benefits click  or on the Benefits Tab above. Applicants from other public sector employers may qualify for:
  • Retirement reciprocity
  • Time and service credit towards an advanced vacation accrual rate
We are accepting applications to establish one employment list to fill full-time and part-time vacancies in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Lompoc for the Behavioral Wellness Department. To be considered for a specific location, you must check the individual Location(s) on the application where you would be willing to accept an assignment. Although incumbents will be assigned a home base location, the selected candidate may need to travel between different sites within Santa Barbara County. The operational area may include: Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Goleta, Lompoc, Los Olivos, Santa Mara, and Santa Ynez.
Founded in 1962, it is the mission of the Department of Behavioral Wellness to promote the prevention of and recovery from mental illness and addiction among individuals, families and communities, by providing effective leadership and delivering state-of-the-art, culturally competent services. The Department provides treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to 10,000 clients with mental illness and substance use disorders annually through its professional staff of over 400, in addition to its many contracted Community-Based Organization (CBO) providers. The Department’s decisions and service delivery are guided by the following values:
  • Quality services for persons of all ages with mental illness and/or substance abuse
  • Integrity in individual and organizational actions
  • Dignity, respect, and compassion for all persons
  • Active involvement of clients and families in treatment, recovery, and policy development
  • Diversity throughout our organization and cultural competency in service delivery
  • A system of care and recovery that is clearly defined and promotes recovery and resiliency
  • Emphasis on prevention and treatment
  • Teamwork among department employees in an atmosphere that is respectful and creative
  • Continuous quality improvement in service delivery and administration
  • Wellness modeled for our clients at all levels; i.e., staff who regularly arrive at the workplace healthy, energetic and resilient
  • Safety for everyone
THE POSITION:  The candidate selected for this position will, under direction, but with independent responsibility for professional results, provide psychiatric diagnostic and therapeutic service in a mental health clinic and/or inpatient psychiatric facility; and perform related duties as required. The candidate selected will also need to be able to treat patients using a measurement-based care approach as well as establish relationships with primary care and substance use disorder providers of clients.

Employment is contingent upon agreement and ability to participate in Medicare and Medi-Cal (Medicaid) for services rendered to patients. It is essential that candidates have not opted-out of Medicare, and are not on the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) (as maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General) as Behavioral Wellness facilities bill both Medicare and Medi-Cal for patient services. Candidate active participation in these programs is required to ensure that the Department can provide care to all segments of the community, including those who rely on Medicare and Medi-Cal for their healthcare needs.
Candidates will be required to provide documentation confirming their eligibility to bill Medicare and Medi-Cal prior to their start date. This may include, but is not limited to, proof of enrollment in Medicare. Behavioral Wellness's administrative team will assist candidates with any necessary paperwork and answer any questions regarding this requirement.

Adult Specialty: On-call rotation for adult services as required at the Psychiatric Health Facility, and 3 to 4 weeknights per month of telephone availability.

Child/Adolescent Specialty: On-call rotation for child services is approximately one week per month of telephone availability. You may elect to volunteer for paid duty on weekends at the inpatient "Psychiatric Health Facility."

For the position in the inpatient Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF): Incumbents will be required to acquire training in Management Assaultive Behavior (MAB) or a related crisis prevention course within the first six months of employment.

Examples of Duties

  1. Conducts psychiatric examinations; makes diagnoses and prescribes therapy. 
  2. Conducts individual and group psychotherapy; administers and interprets projective tests. 
  3. Participates in staff conferences recommending appropriate treatment approaches. 
  4. Assists in developing and organizing a program of clinic treatment. 
  5. May direct case conferences; may serve as a consultant to other clinic staff, confers with patient's relatives regarding illness and treatment. 
  6. Assists through consultation in establishing psychiatric programs and policies, cooperates with other public health and hospital personnel. 
  7. Keeps medical records and prepares psychiatric reports; and testifies to the Superior Court on matters concerning petitions and affidavits. 

Employment Standards

In order to be considered for this position, applicants must provide detailed information on their application to demonstrate how they meet the employment standards (minimum qualifications) listed below: 

  • Completion of a residency training program in psychiatry AND possession of a valid license as a physician and surgeon issued by the State of California.
Additional Requirements for Child-Adolescent Psychiatry Specialty: 
  • Completion of a residency training program in child and adolescent Psychiatry.
NOTE: Initial acceptance may be based on licensure as a physician and surgeon in another state; licensure as a physician and surgeon in California is required prior to appointment. For additional information on obtaining a license go to or call toll-free 800-633-2322. It may take up to 6 months to obtain a license.
Additional Qualifications: 
  • Employees must obtain Board Certification in Psychiatry within five (5) years of employment. 
  • Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License may be required at the time of appointment. 
Knowledge of: General medicine and psychiatry; current developments in the field of psychiatry; and hospital and clinic organization, management, and procedures.
Ability to: Skillfully diagnose and treat severely and persistently mentally ill patients; analyze situations and adopt an effective course of action; prepare records and reports; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; and maintain objectivity and confidentiality.

Desired Qualifications: 
  • Additional Qualifications:  The ability to read, write, and converse fluently in English and Spanish is desirable.  Note:  You must self-certify on the application form that you are fluent in English and Spanish. The department will test you on your fluency.