Mental Health And Veterans Court Care Coordinator

Thurston County
Full Time $5,247 - $6,979 Per year HI Hawaii, USA


Thurston County District Court is seeking a highly motivated, community oriented, positive individual for the position of . As the Care Coordinator, you will supervise a caseload of participants for Mental Health Court and Veterans Court (MH/VC) that have been diagnosed with a mental illness and charged with certain criminal offenses within the jurisdiction of Thurston County. Care Coordinators assist participants with accessing community resources in lieu of incarceration; maintaining compliance with their court obligations; remaining compliant with treatment; and supporting recovery efforts for mental health and chemical dependency in order to continue on a path of stability and being accountable for their behaviors.
Additional responsibilities of this role may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attend weekly multi-disciplinary staff meetings to advise the team of individual participant progress and make therapeutic recommendations. Cooperation and coordination with community treatment providers and family members is essential in effective supervision and monitoring of the caseload.
  • Meet, and is in frequent contact, with program participants to process current events, and problem solve and trouble shoot any upcoming issues or barriers. Responsible for helping program participants navigate and address life domain issues including housing, employment, education, transportation, finances, childcare, Department of Licensing requirements, court orders, long-standing negative behavioral patterns, and encouraging an guiding participants in long-term goal setting and completion.
  • Monitor compliance with participants' individualized treatment programs and coordinates with community treatment providers and other resources in order to address individual needs. This includes coordinating and facilitating treatment team meetings, requesting and following up on monthly compliance reports, and engaging in telephone consultations.
  • Prepare court reports; appear at court hearings and makes recommendations based on participant's progress, or lack thereof. Make recommendations regarding each participant's graduation or termination from the program. Prior to the participants graduation, ensure that the participant has completed all court ordered obligations to include treatment, legal financial, restitution, and other jurisdictional requirements; this includes all obligations from other courts.
  • Serve as liaison between Thurston County District Court and Thurston County Corrections Facility, including coordinating with court officers to appear in court when violation reports are addressed and/or a program participant will need to be taken in to custody. Advise jail medical and mental health staff of medication and treatment issues when a program participant is in the custody of Thurston County Corrections Facility.
  • Depending on participants needs, may need to work with other court jurisdictions including probation staff, attorneys, court and jail staff, court liaisons, and other parties involved to ensure comprehensive case collaboration. Works closely with community providers and other jurisdictions to address issues of non-compliance or interfering behaviors in efforts to gain compliance. In non-compliance situations, violation reports are written to include therapeutic recommendations geared toward helping the participant identify, evaluate, and alter negative behavior(s)


  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in psychology, criminal justice, social work or related field. Master's degree is desired.
  • Two years of experience in working with the mentally ill population, including the ability to assess clients and work with them to formulate supervision plans to meet individual needs.
  • Understanding of the DSM-V and current working diagnosis/diagnoses to ensure appropriate mental health to promote best outcome for participant.
  • Certification with Department of Health within 90 days of employment – or – enrollment in an accredited Master's-level program in psychology, criminal justice, social work or related field, within 1 year of employment.
  • Ability to pass background check in order to enter Thurston County Correctional Facility.
  • Ability to use personal computers and related software programs.
  • Must have current Washington State Driver's License.

Desired Skills

The ideal candidate will possess the following abilities and knowledge to perform the functions of this position efficiently:

  • Ability to work independently as well as in a collaborative environment.
  • Strong ability to communicate in both oral and written form.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of local mental health, chemical dependency, domestic violence, and social service resources, including local and federal Veterans resources.
  • Knowledge of the legal system is desired.