Lateral Transfer: Employees Of Other Public Agencies

County of Santa Barbara
Full Time CA 117 E Carrillo St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States


Thank you for your interest in employment with the County of Santa Barbara as a lateral transfer from another qualifying California public agency.
 Note: This recruitment is for regular employees of another public agency operating a personnel merit system in the State of California.
If, after reviewing the job description of the position you are requesting a lateral transfer, you believe you meet the employment standards, submit a Lateral Transfer application. Keep in mind that the County of Santa Barbara may not have current vacancies for every job classification available.
For a complete list of job classifications, please visit the County of Santa Barbara’s .  

A separate application is required for each job classification you are interested in applying to as a lateral transfer. 
Note: Current regular County of Santa Barbara employees interested in transferring between County of Santa Barbara departments, should submit a .  
To be eligible for a lateral transfer from your current/previous agency to the County of Santa Barbara, you must have held permanent or probationary status in the classified service of a California public agency operating a personnel merit system; AND, meet the following criteria (per the Civil Service Rule 713 included below):

  1. The Santa Barbara County position into which you are seeking to transfer possesses essentially the same or lesser minimum qualifications as the job class in which you held permanent status in your current/previous agency, and 
  2. You have been employed by your current/previous agency within one year of the date the lateral transfer is approved, and
  3. You achieved permanent or probationary status with your current/previous agency as the result of a qualifying or competitive examination, and 
  4. You have performed satisfactorily and have not been separated nor are you being considered for separation because of fault or delinquency, and 
  5. Your current/previous agency submits information to Santa Barbara County which confirms that the required conditions have been met and that you are eligible for reemployment or continued employment in the class in which permanent or probationary status is held. 
In addition to a Lateral Transfer application, you will need to:  
  1. Complete an .  
  2. Send the signed authorization and Lto your qualifying current/previous agency to complete and return to the County of Santa Barbara Human Resources Department within 30 calendar days of submission of your Lateral Transfer application via mail, fax, or email.
  3. You or your agency must provide copies of the job/class specifications of all positions you have held in your qualifying current/previous agency. The materials must be sent via mail, fax, or email to the County of Santa Barbara Human Resources Department.  
A complete Lateral Transfer packet may be downloaded  (Application must be completed separately).
Mail to: 
County of Santa Barbara
Human Resources Department
Attn: Employment Division
1226 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Fax to: (805) 568-2833
Attn: Employment Division
Subject Line: Lateral Transfer
Email to:
Please include "Lateral Transfer" in the subject line of the email.
Note: Save the documents to your computer, laptop or Smartphone prior to sending to the address above.