Immunization Program Manager

Harris County
Full Time 5 pmMust be willing to flex work per week TX 2223 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027, United States


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About Harris County Public Health:
Harris County Public Health (HCPH) includes a network of more than 700 public health professionals working together to improve health outcomes for the third most populous county in the United States. HCPH provides a multitude of services such as medical and dental services, community programming, and health education for the approximately 2.3 million people in unincorporated Harris County. Through its core values of innovation, engagement, and health equity, HCPH strives to bring meaningful solutions to public health issues while keeping Harris County healthy and vibrant.

Position Overview:
The Immunization Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and activities of the Harris County Public Health (HCPH) Immunization Program, in alignment with the DSHS Immunization Contractors Guide for Local Health Departments. Under the direct supervision of the Community Health and Wellness Division Director of Nursing, this position establishes goals and objectives, develops guidelines, procedures, and rules to ensure good practices, with the primary goal of raising vaccine coverage levels for Harris County residents. The Program Manager promotes and maintains working relationships with various organizations to implement strategies consistent with higher vaccine coverage levels. They plan, assign, and supervise staff and program activities, monitor and evaluate budgets, and develop techniques for evaluating program activities. The position also participates in training and local health responses to public health emergencies. The Immunization Program Manager ensures the immunization capacity within the county and administers the Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC) and Adult Safety Net (ASN) programs, ImmTrac/ImmTrac2, school and childcare immunization compliance, media and publications, and contracts for the performance of immunization activities.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Program Management and Oversight: Oversees the daily operations and activities of the Immunization Program, including the TVFC and ASN programs, ImmTrac/ImmTrac2 registry, ensuring adherence to program protocols.
  • Policy Development and Implementation: Crafts and executes immunization policies following CDC guidelines, integrating these into staff training and orientation programs.
  • Strategic Planning and Evaluation: Conducts strategic planning to advance immunization services. Assesses and enhances program effectiveness through regular reviews and data analysis.
  • Fiscal Management and Compliance: Oversees the program’s financial management, including budgeting and resource allocation, while ensuring compliance with all pertinent regulations and reporting requirements.
  • Team Leadership and Supervision: Provides leadership for the immunization program staff, offering guidance, training, and support to foster professional growth and high performance.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Community Outreach: Maintains relationships with key stakeholders and leads community immunization education initiatives, representing HCPH at various forums.
  • Training and Development: Manages and verifies participation in essential training programs and emergency response preparations to ensure readiness for public health challenges
  • Quality Improvement and Data Analysis: Commits to continuously improving program quality and efficiency, leveraging data management and analysis to guide program advancements.

Harris County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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This position is subject to a criminal history check. Only relevant convictions will be considered and, even when considered, may not automatically disqualify the candidate.


  • Bachelor's degree in Public Health, Nursing, Health Administration, or a related field.
  • At least three (3) years of experience working in a public health or healthcare setting.
  • At least one (1) year of management or supervisory experience in a healthcare setting.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, and ability to multi-task and adjust priorities as needed
  • Self-directed with a high degree of critical thinking, independent judgment, problem solving ability
  • Ability to analyze and report complex financial information to reach sound conclusions and make practical recommendations
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information
  • Ability to work well with public and staff members
  • Must use your personal mobile device for our Multifactor Authentication process
Core Competencies:
  • Ability to obtain and filter information, identify, and address key issues relevant to the achievement of strategic organizational goals
  • Exceptional project management skills to manage a variety of projects simultaneously
  • Positively influence all levels within the organization to drive change and enable effective coordination
  • Ability to create strong, positive working relationships
  • Previous experience building and managing high performance teams
  • High-level of flexibility in fast-paced environments
  • Must be a Systems-level thinker
  • Proactive, self-motivated, and mission-driven
  • Progressive, intrapreneurial leadership style to enable systemic change
Leading Change
  • Creates strategic change within and outside the organization to meet organizational goals
  • Develops new insights into situations, encourages new ideas and innovations
  • Takes a long-term view and builds a shared vision with others, acts as a catalyst for organizational change
  • Deals effectively with pressure; remains optimistic and persistent even under adversity.
  • Recovers quickly from setbacks
Leading People
  • Fosters an inclusive workplace where equity, diversity, and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission
  • Develops the ability of others to perform and contribute to the organization by providing ongoing feedback and providing opportunities to learn through formal and informal methods
  • Fosters and inspires team commitment, spirit, pride, and trust. Facilitates cooperation and motivates team members to accomplish group goals.
  • Holds self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results
  • Anticipates and meets the needs of internal and external customers
  • Makes well-informed, effective, and timely decisions
Building Coalitions
  • Develops networks and builds alliances, collaborates across boundaries to build strategic relationships
  • Identifies external and internal politics that impact the work of the organization
Interpersonal Abilities/Personal Characteristics
  • Treats others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect
  • Behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner and models high standards
  • Assesses and recognizes own strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicates clearly, effectively, and persuasively both orally and in writing
  • Writes in a clear, concise, organized, and convincing manner for the intended audience

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Encourage a respectful and collaborative work environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Identify inequitable practices and policies and assist in implementing strategies to ensure equitable outcomes
  • Demonstrate awareness and respect of cross-cultural differences and create inclusive programmatic solutions
  • Practice cultural humility to build honest relationships with co-workers and the community that will ultimately enhance workplace culture and deliver better community health program

NOTE: Qualifying education, experience, knowledge, and skills must be documented on your job application. You may attach a resume to the application as supporting documentation but ONLY information stated on the application will be used for consideration. "See Resume" will not be accepted for qualifications. 



  • Preferred Master’s degree in Public Health, Health Administration, Nursing, or a closely related field.