Hazardous Materials Specialist, Senior

County of Santa Barbara
Full Time 24 per week $90,843 - $109,402 Per year CA 300 N San Antonio Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, United States Apply before 6/2/2024 5:00


SALARY$43.53 - $52.42 Hourly

$90,843.99 - $109,402.66 Annually

We are accepting applications to fill one (1) full-time Hazardous Materials Specialist, Senior position in our Environmental Health Services (EHS) program. The vacancy will be based in Santa Barbara with the Hazardous Materials CUPA unit.    
We are also accepting applications to establish an employment list for future Full-Time, Part-Time, Extra Help and 1414* vacancies for Hazardous Materials Specialist, Seniors in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara.  
*Civil Service Rule 1414. Appointment to Fill Vacancy During Leave of Absence. 1414 vacancies may occur as a result of a leave of absence and the duration of the appointment shall be subject to the return of the individual who is on leave. A person who is appointed to a position under Civil Service Rule 1414 may be able to transition into a regular position in the classification without re-application or re-testing, depending on the performance of the appointee and the needs of the department.  
Please select the location(s) you would like to be considered for current and future vacancies. If you qualify for this position, pass the required selection steps and are in the area of selection, then your name may be sent to the hiring manager(s) of the vacancy location(s) where you have expressed that you are willing to work.
BENEFITS: The County of Santa Barbara offers generous benefits. Click on the Benefits Tab above or  to view more information.  
In addition, applicants from other public sector employers may qualify for: 
  • Retirement reciprocity 
  • Time and service credit towards for an advanced vacation accrual rate 
POSITION: Under general supervision, coordinates and conducts more difficult inspection and investigations in the enforcement of hazardous materials regulations; serves as on-site emergency coordinator at major chemical spill sites; and performs related duties as required.
This is the advanced journey level in the Hazardous Materials Specialist series. Incumbents perform the more difficult and complex work within an assigned program (i.e., planning, prevention, abatement, emergency spill response, disclosure/right-to-know, enforcement, site remediation, facility permitting), or geographical area, including coordination of difficult investigations, monitoring, and surveillance activities. Work is performed under general supervision.
The Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) regulates businesses and entities that handle hazardous materials, generate, store, or treat hazardous waste, or operate aboveground or underground hazardous materials storage tanks. The primary goal of the CUPA is to protect public health and the environment by promoting compliance with applicable laws and regulations. These businesses and entities regulated include, but not limited to, automotive repair shops, gas stations, metal plating shops, light machining, petroleum storage facilities, agricultural facilities, dentists, wineries, and refineries. There are approximately 2,300 regulated facilities in Santa Barbara County.  to find out more about the services provided by the Hazardous Materials program. 
The IDEAL CANDIDATE will possess: 
  • Technical Expertise: Demonstrate experience, knowledge, and leadership in reviewing and approving underground storage tank (UST) plans, as well as conducting construction and removal inspections for UST systems.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Possess expertise in conducting file reviews and inspections at hazardous waste treatment facilities under the Hazardous Waste Tiered Permit Program, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
  • CalARP Inspections: Exhibit proficiency in performing comprehensive inspections of CalARP regulated facilities and reviewing Risk Management Plans, Process Hazard Analysis documents, and off-site consequence analysis documents.
  • Software Proficiency: Be adept in utilizing the following: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Outlook, California Environmental Reporting System, Hazardous Waste Tracking System, and Accela.
  • Communication Skills: Display exceptional verbal and written communication abilities, facilitating effective interaction with internal and external stakeholders at all organizational levels.
  • Independence and Organization: Showcase the capability to work independently, prioritize tasks, and meet critical deadlines, demonstrating strong organizational and time management skills. 
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Examples of Duties

  1. Coordinates and conducts the more difficult, complex regulatory oversight of facilities that are permitted as hazardous waste generators, underground storage tanks, and hazardous materials establishments involving a multitude of industrial processes, a large number of substances, and new or unknown substances.
  2. Coordinates and conducts the more difficult hazardous materials investigations of abandoned dump sites, illegal dumping, tank leakages, chemical incidents, and major or repeated violations; provides information to the enforcing agency, such as the District Attorney or County Counsel for prosecution of violators of hazardous materials regulations, as stated in the Department's Enforcement Procedures.
  3. Shall fill various Incident Command System (ICS) positions in emergencies and in training, as appropriate.
  4. Coordinates specialized services such as contingency planning, emergency response planning, emergency unit van response, laboratory contracting and equipment acquisition.
  5. May review/conduct risk assessments based on approved industry and regulatory standards, associated with potential/actual exposures to hazardous substances, to determine if human and/or environmental health has been impacted.
  6. Assists in the training of staff and the development of procedures and policies affecting the division.

Employment Standards

Possession of a bachelor's degree in environmental science, physical, physical science, environmental or chemical engineering, biology, industrial hygiene, public health, chemistry, geology, or a related field, AND:


  1. Two (2) years of professional experience in hazardous materials management, industrial hygiene, or toxicology; OR,
  2. One (1) year as a Hazardous Materials Specialist II with Santa Barbara County; OR,
  3. A combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Additional Requirements: A valid California Class C Driver's License and a current OSHA Hazardous Waste Worker Operational Certification are required by time of appointment.

Knowledge of: current practices in fields of engineering, environmental science and public health as they relate to hazardous materials management; water quality, liquid and solid waste management; underground tank technology; industrial hygiene; chemistry and laboratory techniques to identify hazardous materials and epidemiological hazards; State and federal laws (including the Uniform Fire Code, California Health and Safety Code, and associated regulations) applicable to hazardous materials management, hazardous waste storage, pollution prevention, and underground storage tanks; computer and mathematical modeling; emergency response procedures including the Incident Command System; rules of evidence; investigation, regulatory oversight and environmental sampling techniques and standards; industrial processes and remediation techniques; resource recovery techniques; geohydrologic and chemical principles; toxicology; personal protection, risk assessment, and mitigation principles; evidence gathering and prosecutorial practices; principles of incident command and responsibilities of emergency responders and details of providing chemical incident response services.
 Ability to: read and interpret: blue prints and engineering drawings and specifications for proper construction of monitoring wells, underground storage tanks, process flow designs for facilities regulated within the CUPA and other related projects; coordinate enforcement and emergency response efforts within this and other agencies; gather evidence, statements from suspects and witnesses, environmental media samples, analytical data and photographs and accurately testify in court as an expert witness; analyze inspection and investigative findings on hazardous materials issues and prepare clear, concise reports and recommendations; perform/review risk assessments based on approved industry and regulatory standards, associated with potential/actual exposures to hazardous substances, to determine if human and/or environmental health has been impacted, and to be able to explain this interpretation to the public, industry and interested parties; rapidly analyze information and make quick and accurate decisions in emergency situations; interpret complex legislative documents; plan and coordinate field investigations and major emergency incidents; evaluate effectiveness of field work and recommend changes in operations; sample and conduct field analysis of solid, liquid, and gaseous materials and interpret results; assess the potential and/or actual risk associated with hazardous conditions, interpret findings and make appropriate recommendations; educate staff and the public on appropriate hazardous material practices; write accurate and concise technical reports; work cooperatively with co-workers and the public and interested parties; organize and prioritize workload; establish and maintain effective working relationships with business representatives, community groups, other agencies, staff, and the public; communicate effectively in oral and written form.