Fingerprint Identification Director

County of Santa Clara
Full Time $137,026 - $166,566 Per year CA 55 W Younger Ave, San Jose, CA 95110, United States Apply before 6/26/2024 11:59


Under general direction, plans, organizes, and directs the operation of the County's Cal-ID/AFIS program; and performs the most difficult finger and palm print identifications.


Typical Tasks

  • Plans, organizes, and manages the Fingerprint Identification Unit's 24-hour-a-day operation including programs, facilities, and staff activities;
  • Establishes procedures for Santa Clara County's Cal-ID/AFIS program;
  • Interviews, selects, supervises, and evaluates unit staff;
  • Reviews the methods used in fingerprint/palm print identification and the results achieved for compliance with quality assurance standards;
  • Advises regional and local boards on matters of policy regarding the Cal-ID program;
  • Assists and advises management on matters of personnel, budget, and policy;
  • Provides training, and technical assistance to unit personnel in the operation of the Department's AFIS program, manual identification procedures, and all other aspects of related identification work;
  • Prepares and maintains the local Cal-ID budget and monitors and controls expenditures associated with unit training, materials, and equipment;
  • Supervises the operation and maintenance of computerized and manual fingerprint identification systems within the AFIS program;
  • Directs and evaluates the training process of new employees and complies with state, federal, and certification program-mandated training of employees;
  • Prepares courtroom displays and photographic exhibits and gives expert testimony in court (or at formal hearings) on characteristics of latent and ink fingerprint identification and comparison;
  • Maintains communication with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies and identification units;
  • Functions as the in-house expert on forensic fingerprint matters and assists in training of Sheriff's Academy cadets and new sworn officers; 
  • Develops and maintains a system with user agencies for the exchange of information;
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Employment Standards

Education and experience which directly demonstrates the possession and application of the following knowledge and abilities.
Training and Experience Note:  The knowledge and abilities required to perform this function are typically acquired through training and experience equivalent to possession of a Bachelor's degree in a  Forensic Science, Criminalistics, Natural Sciences, Physics, Biology, Chemistry or a closely related field;


Four (4) years of full-time experience performing advanced journey level identification work that included comparison and identification of latent fingerprint material; and one (1) year supervising or leading fingerprint identification personnel.
A qualified candidate would have experience that includes either training subordinates on the effective use of scientific identification techniques or lecturing/teaching college/university level classes in a related field.
Certificates and Licenses
Possession of a valid Certified Latent Print Examiner certificate;
Possession of a valid California Driver's License prior to appointment
POST Certification as a Basic Academy Instructor is desirable.
Knowledge of:
  • Current principles and practices of management, effective communication, employee supervision, and training;
  • Henry and the Modified Henry fingerprint classification systems;
  • Major automated fingerprint identification systems and other related systems used for classifying, comparing, and identifying fingerprints, including latent fingerprints;
  • Current methods and procedures used in maintaining and updating manual and automated fingerprint identification systems;
  • Current techniques used in crime scene investigation.
Ability to:
  • Effectively manage the operation of the Fingerprint Identification Unit and supervise unit staff in the performance of fingerprint identification and other duties of the unit;
  • Provide training and technical assistance to staff in the operation and maintenance of computerized and manual fingerprint identification systems and in all other aspects of unit identification work;
  • Classify and identify finger and palm prints in accordance with established methods and standards;
  • Search, document, collect and preserve finger and palm print related evidence gathered at crime scenes;
  • Qualify as an expert witness and give expert testimony pertaining to identifications by latent and ink prints in criminal and civil court proceedings;
  • Perform the most difficult identifications of latent fingerprints and prepare latent and ink-print evidence for presentation in court;
  • Compare and identify latent and inked rolled single, partial, and distorted finger and palm prints;
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work including employees of the County and other public agencies.