Early Childhood Center Director

City of Oakland
Full Time 94612. Workstations are available during regular business per week $64,954 - $79,813 Per year CA 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612, United States


The Position

The City of Oakland is an equal opportunity employer that values workforce diversity, inclusion, and equity. Oakland has a long history of activism around issues of justice and equity. Both oppression and this resistance to oppression have shaped the city’s historical roots and the lives of its residents to this day. As public servants in one of the most diverse cities in the nation, we strive to develop employees who understand the harm and impacts of systemic inequity to create lasting, meaningful outcomes for everyone. Oakland strives to establish an environment that embraces the richness of culture, community, and individualism of employees.    

Why join the City of Oakland Human Services Department?
Situated at the heart of the Bay Area, the City of Oakland is a vibrant, diverse, and exciting place to work. It is easily accessible, at the forefront of Race and Equity work, and a full-service organization with many innovative community services.

Are you searching for a fulfilling career that allows you to make a difference and have a positive impact on the local community? Look no further! The City of Oakland's Human Services Department, Head Start Division, is seeking a highly skilled individual to join our team as an Early Childhood Center Director. Come join a dynamic team of enthusiastic professionals dedicated to providing important services to a community with a rich history. You'll work with great colleagues in the Head Start Division who are fiercely passionate about public service and community.

As an Early Childhood Center Director, you will have responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day operation of a child development center in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations for the Head Start/State Preschool/Early Head Start Programs. You will also perform developmental assessments and supervise / monitor daily early education activities as a working supervisor to Early Head Start Instructors, Head Start Instructors, and Family Advocates.

We are looking for someone who is:  

  • Passionate and self-driven. You have a strong desire to make a positive difference in the lives of Oakland residents and families and to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • An effective communicator, motivator, and relationship builder. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with Head Start line, management, and program staff and interact in a culturally diverse workplace with residents, families, and community members.
  • A difference maker.  You will have the opportunity to facilitate achievement of Head Start program goals and the delivery of effective, high-quality program services. 
What you will typically be responsible for:  
  • Organizing setting up, and maintaining high quality classroom environments designed to meet the developmental needs of the children that meet or exceed the national average.
  • Planning, organizing and scheduling daily center/classroom activities based on early childhood education principles.
  • Ensuring that classroom activities and lesson plans reflect and include all Head Start/Early Head Start/State Preschool Program services, including education, health, nutrition, mental health, social services, parent involvement, disabilities and transition.
  • Using a team approach, implements the individual goals and objectives that are set for each child through their IFSP, IEP, or developmental assessment.
  • Organizing and maintaining accurate records and appropriate files as mandated by Community Care Licensing and the Head Start program (reviewing and maintaining required Community Care Licensing personnel files).
  • Monitoring and supervising all activities in the center and ensuring that enrolled children and families receive comprehensive Head Start services in accordance with Head Start Performance Standards.
  • Ensuring overall program compliance with department policies and procedures, Early Head Start (EHS) and/or Head Start Program Performance Standards and Regulations, CA Department of Education, Child Development Division funding terms and conditions, Title 5 regulations, and Title 22 Community Care Licensing regulations.
  • Providing developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities for children.
  • Providing site orientation and on-site supervision to staff, volunteers, and substitute instructors; assigning and scheduling the work of staff and volunteers; ensuring that daily staffing requirements and child/staff ratios are met at all times.
  • Monitoring and reviewing staff performance; providing guidance, support and counseling on performance issues to staff; ensuring ongoing professional development through education, mentoring, and providing training and resources.
  • Receiving meals, managing food safety, ensuring adherence to menus, and guiding family-style meal service for all meals and snacks in accordance with CACFP, Head Start, and Community Care Licensing regulations. Supporting the implementation of individualized nutrition plans as needed including but not limited to special diets, food allergies, and other modifications. Ensuring staff follow procedures for claiming meal and snack reimbursement, and submitting monthly reports.

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A few reasons you might love this job:   

  • Our work matters to the people we serve. What you do every day will have a direct and tangible impact on the people who live and work in Oakland - on their health, well-being, access to services, and safety.
  • You will have great colleagues. City employees are fiercely passionate about public service and community, and proud to uplift Oakland as a dynamic, innovative, vibrant city that is always on the forefront of social, economic, and environmental justice.
  • This is a stimulating job with great pay and benefits.

A few challenges you might face in this job: 

  • The work is fast-paced, and you will be expected to expertly and professionally juggle multiple, competing priorities.
  • The community’s needs exceed the staffing resources to meet them as swiftly and effectively as we would like.

Competencies Required: 

  • Professional & Technical Expertise: Knowledgeable of the most current information, theories, techniques, practices, and procedures of the field.
  • Decision-making:  Acting with confidence, making informed, rational decisions, and choosing the best course of action
  • Problem Solving:  Analyzing situations and effectively developing solutions
  • Enthusiasm and Positivity: Keeping your passion and enthusiasm intact to counteract any challenges you may face in the role
  • Leadership: Creating a work environment in which all are motivated to do their best
  • Adaptability:  Thinking on your feet and adapting to changing demands and shifting priorities
  • Supervision:  Effectively directing and training staff, delegating work, and overseeing daily operations
  • Communication:  Connecting with staff members and stakeholders, communicating with people as accurately and comprehensively as possible
  • Interpersonal Savvy: Considering and responding appropriately to the needs and feelings of others in different situations
  • Valuing Diversity: Appreciating the benefits of varied backgrounds and cultures in the workplace
  • Legal & Regulatory Navigation: Understanding, interpreting, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations

Minimum Requirements for Application

Minimum Requirements for Application: 

This is a public contact position. The City highly encourages all bilingual candidates to apply! Some positions may require bilingual skills in Spanish, Cantonese, or Mandarin. Under the authority of Civil Service Rules Section 5.03, if a position requires bilingual language skills, only those candidates who have indicated they are bilingual in the required language(s) will be referred. Bilingual candidates will be required to successfully pass a language proficiency test if selected for hire.  

Education:   A Bachelor's or advanced degree in Early Childhood Education or related field including twelve (12) post-secondary semester units or equivalent quarter units in early childhood education or child development, plus three (3) units supervised field experience in ECE/CD setting completed at an accredited or approved college or university;
AND, a Children's Center Supervisory Permit (or higher level permit) issued by the California Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing.

Experience:  Two years of teaching in a licensed child care center or comparable group child care program. 

Desirable Qualifications:  Previous experience in a Head Start Program is highly desirable.