Deputy Sheriff/coroner I/ii

Merced County
Full Time 000 as well as additional sick and vacation per week $74,838 - $99,840 Per year CA Merced County Sheriff's Office, 700 W 22nd St, Merced, CA 95340, United States


Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications may be eligible for hiring incentive payments up to $12,000 as well as additional sick and vacation hours front-loaded depending on specific experience
Please Note: Applications will not be accepted without submission of California Basic POST Certificate or California Basic Academy Graduation Certificate or proof of current enrollment in a Basic P.O.S.T. Academy.

Duties may include, depending upon assignment, but are not limited to the following:

  • Patrols assigned areas and answers calls for protection of life and property.

  • Conducts preliminary investigations and interrogates witnesses.

  • Tests for sobriety, performs CPR and First Aid, physically restrains subjects and prisoners.

  • Substantiate findings of fact in court.

  • Serve warrants, subpoenas and make arrests; serves subpoenas; investigates accidents.

  • Responds to death scenes and secures area, examines body and scene for forensic evidence.

  • Gathers information to assist in determining cause of death.

  • Coordinates and cooperates with responding personnel and release of body and/or organs.

  • Secures personal belongings and effects of the deceased, notifies next of kin.

  • May assist in the disposition of the deceased due to death by natural causes.

  • Refers questionable deaths to the Coroner's division.

  • Delivers and executes civil processes such as writs of attachment, possession and execution, subpoenas, summons and complaints.

  • Assists and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies' investigations and arrests.

  • Lifts latent prints, takes pictures or makes sketches of crime scene and takes plaster at crime scenes.

  • Gather evidence and take statements in connection with suspected criminal activities.

  • Keeps firearms and other equipment in good working condition.

  • May function as a SWAT Team member or function as an undercover officer for the detection and prevention of the sale of narcotics and the arrest of drug offenders.

  • Performs public relations and community policing activities to include law enforcement education, public safety, and crime prevention.

  • May be assigned to schools, community law enforcement offices, correctional facilities, equestrian law enforcement, canine unit, lake patrol, or other special assignments.

  • Performs assigned shift responsibilities, maintains confidentiality; follows supervisor's direction and department rules and regulations; may assist with training new staff.

    Duties as assigned in the Court Security Services Division:

  • Primary duty is to serve as bailiff to the Superior Courts of Merced County.

  • Maintains security and preserve order in courtroom facilities.

  • Holds, guards and transports prisoners from Detention to Court and return.

  • During court, takes charge of jury, witnesses and other personnel involved in the cases.

  • May make court room arrests.

  • Provides support to other law enforcement agencies and Deputy Sheriff/Coroners outside of court related duties.

  • Develop a close working relationship with judges and court personnel in order to ensure the efficient operation of the court.

  • Keep records, prepare reports and perform related office work as required.

  • Protects assigned judge, jury, public and courtroom.

  • Prepares detailed reports of all activities; deliver and execute civil processes.

  • Transports persons arrested to jail or court.

Minimum Qualifications

Level I 


Level II
Two (2) years of experience in law enforcement work equivalent to Deputy Sheriff/Coroner I.

High school graduation or equivalence.

Possession of Certification of Completion from a Basic P.O.S.T Academy and First Aid and CPR certificates. Successful completion of Merced County Sheriff's Department Field Training Program required within one year of appointment. 

Possess a valid California driver's license at time of appointment and maintain.

Must be a United States Citizen

Note: Applications will be accepted with proof of current enrollment in a Basic P.O.S.T. Academy. Appointments will only be made after successful completion of Basic P.O.S.T. Academy.

Essential Functions


  • Respond appropriately to situations; performs in-the-line-of-duty firearm responsibilities.

  • Physically restrain subjects and prisoners; maintain strength, endurance and agility.

  • Enforce California Penal and Vehicle Codes.

  • Follow orders and directions of senior staff in charge of command.

  • Perform job duties under stressful conditions.

  • Analyze data, complete comprehensive reports, interpret directions, procedures and regulations, and develop appropriate responses.

  • Communicate effectively with others in person and over the telephone.

  • Maintain confidential information in accordance with legal standards and/or County regulations.

  •  Maintain consistent/regular attendance and punctuality.

  • Effectively represent the County, Sheriff and department with the community.

  • Conduct activities on uneven surfaces under various environmental conditions.

  • Lift and move with help objects weighing over 100 pounds.

  • Perform timely and required procedures, duties and responsibilities.

  • Operate a personal computer and other office equipment.

  • Establish, implement and achieve goals and objectives.

  • Frequent use of depth perception, peripheral vision and color perception.

  • Frequently lift, carry, reach, push, pull, twist and manipulate large and small objects.

  • Kneel, bend, twist, squat, balance and crawl.

  • Frequent use of hand-eye coordination; normal dexterity, frequent holding and grasping.

  • Frequent use of data entry device including repetitive hand and arm motion.

  • Occasionally lift and carry up to 40 pounds.

  • Regular attendance is an essential function.

 Knowledge of: 
  • The general geography and topography of Merced County.

  • Use and care of small fire arms; First Aid techniques.

  • California Penal & Vehicle Codes; Laws of arrest and rules of evidence.

  • Laws applicable to the apprehension, retention and treatment of prisoners and juveniles.

  • Principles of identification and fingerprint classification; code of Civil Procedures and Civil Processes.

Ability to: 
  • Observe and accurately remember names, faces, numbers, incidents, and places.

  • Understand and interpret laws and regulations relating to arrest and rules of evidence, apprehension, retention and treatment of prisoners and juveniles.

  • Understand and accurately interpret the Code of Civil Procedures and Civil Processes.

  • Secure information from witnesses and suspects.

  • Effectively perform Deputy Sheriff/Coroner duties and responsibilities.

  • Work in any area of law enforcement at an experienced level.

  • Make independent judgments, adopt quick, and effective and responsible courses of action during emergencies.

  • Write clear, complete and comprehensive reports.

  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationship with those contacted during the course of work.

  • Meet standards of physical stature, condition, strength, endurance and agility.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use and care for firearms.

  • Perform notifications to next of kin of deceased with understanding and empathy.