Director Of Planning

County of Calaveras
Full Time $148,990 Per year CA 891 Mountain Ranch Rd building e, San Andreas, CA 95249, United States


Position Description

Under general direction of the Board of Supervisors, plans and organizes the activities of the County Planning Department; administers the general plan and zoning ordinance, subdivisions, land use permits, specific plans, and planned developments; develops policies; represents the Planning Department in meetings with the Board of Supervisors, County Administrative Officer, commissions, committees, community agencies, and other public groups; and performs related work as required.


This is an appointed at-will Department Head position that serves as part of the County’s management team. As a Department Head, the incumbent is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of the County Board of Supervisors. The position administratively reports to the County Administrative Officer.

Example of Duties

  • Plans, supervises and coordinates the activities of the County Planning Department;
  • Sets direction through the development of a strategic/business plan for the department and the Board of Supervisor’s goals, measures expected outcomes;
  • Supervises, assigns and evaluates the work of subordinate staff, ensures program deadlines are met;
  • Oversees processes for recruitment, selection, hiring, evaluation and discipline of employees;
  • Evaluates planning programs, policies, and procedures; develops changes as appropriate, ensures implementation; evaluates land-use applications and develops recommendations to public hearing bodies; and resolves complex land use application issues;
  • Formulates operational objectives within local, state and federal legal requirements; 
  • Directs staff in the development, maintenance, and enforcement of the general plan, land use, community design, streets and highways, other services and facilities, and in the interpretation and enforcement of zoning, subdivision, and similar ordinances;
  • Prepares and administers the department budget; establishes short and long term budget priorities and funding requirements;
  • Transforms requests for action by the Planning Commission, County Administrative Officer, and Board of Supervisors into planning strategies which include alternatives and recommendations for final review;
  • Reviews and interprets State and Federal requirements pertaining to planning;
  • Attends Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings and speaks at public gatherings;
  • Reviews legislative activities affecting the delivery of service and advises management on policy and/or operational changes;
  • Develops and implements County ordinances, department policies and procedures;
  • Formulates operational objectives within local, state and federal legal requirements; directs the department in planning, developing and administering goals, objectives, management strategies, programs, policies and procedures;
  • Prepares long-range studies for amendment and revision of the County General Plan, special reports and policy recommendations;
  • Provides advice and consultation to staff on complex planning and land use issues and problems to facilitate the completion of studies;
  • Conducts complex special studies and prepares reports and recommendations; coordinates functions of assigned department programs.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Functions and responsibilities of a public planning agency; principles, methods and techniques of land use and environmental planning and zoning; principles of public administration, organization and management; organizational and functional structure of the County; affordable housing; grant programs; socio-economic and environmental principles and their application to urban and rural development; research and statistical methodology as it applies to socio-economic and environmental data; the State Planning and Zoning Law, Subdivision Map Act, Redevelopment Law, pertinent County Ordinances and other State and County laws or regulations which affect planning; current trends in Federal, State, and local planning; principles of budget preparation and expenditure control; personnel management practices including staff development, supervision, selection, training and discipline; public and business administration;, supervision, training, and work evaluation; and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and environmental impact assessment.

Skill and Ability to:

Direct, plan, organize, manage and coordinate the functions and programs of the Planning Department; exhibit strong administrative, organizational and managerial aptitude; select, motivate and evaluate staff and provide for their training and professional development; develop departmental budget and control expenditures; review the work of department staff and resolve problems; recognize operational problems and implement effective solutions; oversee the development, maintenance, and preparation of planning statistics, records, and reports; effectively represent the Planning Department in contacts with the public, community organizations, and other government agencies; make presentations to the Board of Supervisors, other agencies and the public;  organize and conduct major research studies;   prepare and supervise the preparation of difficult, complex, and specialized planning projects; determine the appropriate level of environmental review for various projects and assess mitigation measures for effectiveness; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships at all organizational levels as well as with other agencies and the public; display and maintain the highest degree of maturity, integrity, loyalty, accountability and good judgment; and maintain the County’s commitment to provide excellent customer service.

Education, Training and Experience:

Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in land use planning or a related field AND five years of planning experience in a public agency, with at least three (3) years at a supervisory level.

Certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is preferred but not required.

Special Requirements

Possession of an appropriate California driver’s license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.