Director Of Extended Learning Opportunities

Providence Schools
Full Time $120,894 - $129,075 Per year RI Providence School District Superintendent, 797 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903, United States


The Providence Public School District (PPSD) serves approximately 22,000 students (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) attending our 37 schools. PPSD employs more than 3,200 professionals who work in and provide support to our schools, which include 20 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 11 high schools, and 2 public district charter schools. Of our employees, about 2,000 are educators, and over 600 others directly support our schools' students and families.

Our schools are diverse learning communities. Approximately 68% of our students are Latinx, 15% Black, 7% White, 4% Asian, 5.5% Multi-racial and 1% Native American. Approximately 40% of students are multilingual, and about 16% receive special education services. Approximately 55% of students come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken. Our students and families speak more than 55 languages and hail from 91 countries of origin.

The Director of Expanded Learning and Opportunities resides in the Office of Teaching and Learning in the Providence Public School District (PPSD). The Director of Expanded Learning and Opportunities is responsible for supporting and advancing the district’s vision, mission, and goals through building capacity for effective student participation in expanded learning opportunities. Under the direction of the Chief Academic Officer, the?Director of Expanded Learning is at the forefront of all learning opportunities outside of regular school hours, including Before and After School Programs, February, and April Vacation Acceleration Academies, 21st Century Programs, Credit Recovery, and Summer Programs.

Under the direction of the Executive Director for Professional Learning, the Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities oversees the personnel,?budget, curriculum, program development, and operations for initiatives, activities, and services, including operational and programmatic aspects of all expanded learning opportunities. The Director will be responsible for the recommendations and development of district policies that measure and support student outcomes within Expanded Learning Opportunities and contribute to advancing the mission of the PPSD.?

The position will emphasize creating meaningful opportunities for authentic input and feedback from students and families participating in these programs, utilizing the data to inform shared decision-making and overall ELO programmatic experiences. The Director will collaborate directly with principals and TOs to develop and support the delivery of ELOs. This position will also be responsible for having previous school leadership expertise with evidence of having positively impacted student academic and other measurable outcomes used to measure student progress and school accountability.? ?

***Contingent upon funding***


RIDE Requirements:

  • Rhode Island District Level Administrator Certificate – Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and/or Building Level Administrator and one or more of the following: 

    • RI Content Area Certification

  • Master's degree in education.?

  • Rhode Island Building or District Level Administrator Certification.

  • Right to Read Proficiency within one year of hire

  • 5 Years as a school leader or similar professional leadership setting

  • 3 to 5 years of proven leadership experience in educational program management or a similar role


  • Lead the district priority on authentically engaging students and families in Expanded Learning opportunities and 21st century opportunities and programmatic experiences, including before and after school programs, Acceleration Academies, Summer Programs, and all out-of-school time district academic programming.  

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for all Expanded Learning Opportunities and initiatives, ensuring the opportunity to expand 21st century opportunities in alignment with district priorities. 

  • Develop policies, measurable systems, and structures for Expanded Learning Opportunities aligned with increasing student outcomes and PPSD priorities 

  • Establish and monitor quantitative and qualitative engagement goals for the Expanded Learning Opportunities programs and department.  

  • Cross-departmental collaboration on developing ELO programmatic experiences in support of school improvement initiatives that close student achievement gaps between racial, ethnic, and economic groups by working with all our diverse communities.    

  • Identification of high-quality instructional curriculum and assessment for Expanded Learning Programmatic Experiences.   

  • Oversee the budget for all costs associated with ELO-related responsibilities and staff, including spending analysis, revenue opportunities, and opportunities to shift priorities to meet current and projected needs to maximize impact on families and student outcomes.  

  • Oversight of all ELO procurement requests and contracts following financial policies and procedures  

  • Provide leadership and support to school leaders, including increasing 21st Century learning opportunities, evaluation, grant-specific requirements, eligibility, and deliverables.  

  • Provide professional learning opportunities in collaboration with the Executive Director of Professional Learning and technical assistance on 21st century and ELO to school leaders as well as to school-based staff, district staff, families, and partners on school and classroom level, high-quality family engagement and effective partnership in ways that align to district and state and federal engagement requirements and standards.  

  • Collaborate across departments to ensure that schools are working with stakeholders, especially parents and students, who can advance the work of Expanded Learning Opportunities 

  • Coordinate with the Office of Family and Community Engagement and Career and Technical Education to provide cross-departmental student opportunities for ELOs.  

  • Review, develop, and recommend ELO district policies and procedures in collaboration with the Chief Academic Officer, identified executive leadership members and peers.  Evaluate and invest in improvement and/or growth opportunities for direct reports; coach direct reports to do the same. 

  • Regularly visit school sites to observe extended learning programs, providing actionable feedback to staff and stakeholders to enhance program quality and student engagement." 

  • Capable of facilitating difficult conversations with empathy and professionalism to resolve conflicts, address challenges, and drive forward programmatic goals. 

  • Skilled in effectively reporting program progress, challenges, and successes up to senior leadership and down to program staff, ensuring transparency and alignment with strategic goals. 

  • Demonstrate big picture thinking in the strategic development of ELOs while maintaining a meticulous attention to detail in communication, program implementation, and monitoring. 

  • Perform other tasks and responsibilities as the Executive Director of Professional Learning may be assigned.  



  • Strong understanding of curriculum development, data, and assessment management

  • Demonstrated success in strategic planning, budget management, and program evaluation.?

  • Must have a cultural and linguistic growth mindset and the ability to develop strong professional relationships across departments and other constituencies across the city and state.

  • Strong community relationships and ability to develop partnerships across diverse constituencies, including community-based organizations, grant managers, and philanthropic organizations in the state and nationally.???

  • Ability to think critically, solve problems, develop, and manage cross-departmental relationships, and adapt to changing educational landscapes, as well as the ability to work in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment??

  • An understanding of and commitment to gain a greater understanding of what is necessary for an urban school system to enjoy continuous improvement in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.?


  • ESL certified

  • Bilingual or multilingual?

  • Experience in grant writing

  • Experience in district administration??

  • Familiarity with urban districts, Providence, and Providence Public Schools

Please submit the following with your application:

1. A cover letter detailing your interest in Providence Public Schools and how your professional experience has prepared you for this role is recommended, but not requiredThe priority deadline for applying is one week from the posting date. After this date, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit your application through Government Jobs.   

2. A Written Prompt: Explain your educational vision and philosophy (300 words or less).  Include the following sentence starters:

I (do/do not) believe that all students can learn at high levels because... 

I (do/do not) believe in holding people accountable for high expectations and high standards in instruction and curriculum by... 

Based on your statements, provide a theory of action for each area. (each 250 words or less).