Columbus Consolidated Government
Full Time $42,723 Per year GA 7175 Sacerdote Ln, Columbus, GA 31907, United States


Major Duties and Responsibilities

This position is responsible for monitoring the health and welfare of prisoners.

  • Provides or supervises the Orientation Briefing for all newly assigned prisoners.
  • Supervises inmates completing their visitation lists in a group setting; investigates inmate visitation lists for validity.
  • Conducts initial interviews with inmates.
  • Assists inmates in preparing a Need Assessment Plan with goals.
  • Collects, reviews, and responds to Prisoner Request Forms.
  • Coordinates and schedules prisoners for mental health appointments; conducts group counseling for inmates; supervises prisoners during counseling sessions.
  • Prepares Security Reclassification Forms for the Reclassification Committee; serves as a member of the Reclassification Committee.
  • Prepares Parole Summaries for prisoners; recommends early release, regular release, or extended release dates.
  • Assists homeless inmates in locating an acceptable parole address.
  • Prepares and assists with Interstate Parole Transfers.
  • Assists inmates in corresponding with courts, the parole board, the Department of Corrections, lawyers, judges, and child support agencies.
  • Assists prisoners in post-incarceration preparation.
  • Refers prisoners to an OJT Certification Coordinator for enrollment in the OJT Certification program; follows up with an on-site evaluation, completed application, and a background check.
  • Serves as a librarian for the law library; updates references; inventories and updates the library computer.
  • Prepares documents to reflect prisoners’ allotted computer time; maintains files on prisoners who use the Law Library.
  • Prepares the distribution of prisoners’ legal mail.
  • Informs inmates about deaths of family members and other family emergencies; prepares and coordinates sheriff’s escort for funerals and other family emergencies for inmates.
  • Issues and investigates Formal and Informal Grievances; prepares recommendations for resolving grievances; forwards recommendations to the department head for final action.
  • Serves as an advocate for prisoners during Disciplinary Hearing Court.
  • Updates prisoners’ records daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Check and asses offenders on isolation and segregation status to include writing a written report weekly.
  • File pertinent documentation as needed.
  • Meet with offenders quarterly to provide meaningful counseling sessions to include reviewing their case plans, assessing behavior and preparing the offender for Reentry -documentation of all contact made with offender.
  • Use Customer service skills to interact with family members over the phone providing information to family members and addressing their concerns.
  • Work with different agencies across the state. Answer their requests and assist offender with interaction between agencies.
  • Attend and obtain different trainings as presented by Department of Corrections.
  • Performs other related job duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of department rules and regulations. 

  • Knowledge of office administration practices and procedures, such as letter writing and the operation of standard office equipment. 

  • Skill in interpersonal relations.  

  • Skill in organization. 

  • Skill in problem solving. 

  • Skill in organizing work, setting priorities, meeting critical deadlines, following up on assignments with minimum directions. 

  • Skill in oral and written communication. 

Minimum Educational and Training Requirements

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Sociology or related field is required. Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship or having had a similar position for one to two years. This position is required to supervise state inmate labor. Employee must pass P.O.S.T. certification within the time frame required by this department, which is normally within six months but may be altered. Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.

Physical Requirements

The work is typically performed while sitting at a desk or table.  The employee must occasionally lift light objects.  Additionally, the following physical abilities are required:  

  • Balancing – maintain equilibrium to prevent falling while walking, standing, or crouching. 

  • Climbing – ascending, descending ladders, stairs, ramps, requires body agility. 

  • Crawling – moving about on hands, knees, or hands, feet. 

  • Crouching – bending body forward by bending leg, spine. 

  • Feeling – perceiving attributes of objects by touch with skin, fingertips. 

  • Grasping – applying pressure to object with fingers, palm. 

  • Handling – picking, holding, or working with whole hand. 

  • Hearing 1 – perceiving sounds at normal speaking levels, receive information. 

  • Hearing 2 – receive detailed information, make discrimination in sound. 

  • Kneeling – bending legs at knee to come to rest at knees. 

  • Lifting – raising objects from lower to higher position, moving objects side to side, using upper extremities, back. 

  • Manual Dexterity – picking, pinching, typing, working with fingers rather than hand. 

  • Mental Acuity – ability to make rational decisions through sound logic, deductive reasoning. 

  • Pulling - use upper extremities to exert force, haul or tug. 

  • Pushing – use upper extremities to press against objects with force, or thrust forward, downward, outward. 

  • Reaching – extending hands or arms in any direction. 

  • Repetitive Motion – substantial movements of wrists, hands, fingers. 

  • Speaking – expressing ideas with spoken word, convey detailed, important instructions accurately, concisely. 

  • Standing – for sustained periods of time. 

  • Stooping – bending body downward, forward at waist, with full motion of lower extremities and back. 

  • Talking 1- expressing ideas by spoken word 

  • Talking 2 – shouting to be heard above ambient noise. 

  • Visual Acuity 1 - prepare, analyze data, transcribing, computer terminal, extensive reading. 

  • Visual Acuity 2 - color, depth perception, field of vision. 

  • Visual Acuity 3 - determine accuracy, neatness, observe facilities/structures. 

  • Visual Acuity 4 - operate motor vehicles/heavy equipment. 

  • Visual Acuity 4 - operate motor vehicles/heavy equipment. 

  • Visual Acuity 5 -close acuity for inspection of small defects, machines, use measurement devices, or fabricate parts. 

  • Walking - on foot to accomplish tasks, long distances, or site to site.