Chief Deputy Public Guardian

County of Orange
Full Time $107,224 - $148,512 Per year CA 405 W 5th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, United States



Chief Deputy Public Guardian
(Business Services Manager)

This position is scheduled to receive salary range increases on the following dates:

Effective June 28, 2024 – 4.25% increase 

Effective June 27, 2025 – 4.00% increase

Salary may be negotiable within the above range, based on position requirements and the successful candidate's qualifications, subject to appropriate authorization.

  This recruitment will be open for a minimum of five (5) business days and will remain open continuously until 11:59 p.m. (PST) on the day the County's needs are met. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply immediately, as the deadline to apply for the first round of consideration will be on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. (PST). 

                Applications received after that date will be processed in the next round.

This recruitment is being held to establish an open eligible list to fill current and future Business Services Manager positions within this specialty. This recruitment may also fill positions in similar and/or lower classifications throughout the County of Orange

The ,  is a dynamic organization dedicated to creating and supporting an environment that promotes the achievement of optimal individual, family, and community health. Under the leadership of the Agency Director, a dynamic executive team with an organizational structure comprised of five (5) service areas - Strategy and Special Projects, Behavioral Health Services, Correctional Health Services, Medical Health Services, and Public Health Services - is committed to meeting the health needs of the diverse Orange County community.  

The is dedicated to the physical and financial safety of persons unable to do so on their own who are conserved when there are no viable alternatives to public conservatorship. The Superior Court determines whether a conservatorship should be established, involving a court process that includes petitioning the court and notifying the proposed conservatee and his or her family of the proceedings. A conservatorship is only established as a last resort through a formal hearing. The Court can appoint the Public Guardian as a conservator of the person only, estate only (for probate), or both person and estate. 

The Chief Deputy Public Guardian (Business Services Manager) will be responsible for providing oversight of Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Administrations and Investigations as well as Probate units. This position requires a seasoned and experienced administrator and innovator to manage the core service areas of the Public Guardian's Office and report directly to the Public Guardian.

The ideal candidate will possess experience related to this assignment, which includes professional experience working in at least three (3) of the following areas: probate functions, estate administration, conservatorships, guardianships,
and/or asset management.

This position will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

Professional and Technical Experience | Legal & Regulatory Navigation
  • Strong and broad understanding of the associated fiduciary responsibilities and legal procedures related to the Office of the Public Guardian's responsibilities and procedures.
  • Establishing and implementing organizational policies and procedures, fiscal management and controls, and personnel administration
  • Interpreting and applying laws, regulations, and rules about conservatorship/guardianship and estate administration functions.
  • Understanding of grave disability caused by mental illness as well as knowledge of community mental health rehabilitation programs and services that assist conservatees in their recovery and restoration to independence.
  • Utilizing and applying the County procurement process for contracting services
  • Understanding and utilizing office software and programs, such as but not limited to, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
Leadership | Managing Performance
  • Maintaining high personal performance standards, meeting department expectations, and ensuring quality outcomes
  • Developing team goals, planning work priorities, and meeting deadlines 
  • Continuously evaluating business practices and proactively implementing changes for operational improvement
  • Possess knowledge in effective leadership, organization, administration, and budgetary planning within the Public Guardian's office.
Leading Cross-Divisional Collaboration | Strategic Thinking & Perspective
  • Implementing new processes, providing necessary tools, and supporting organizational objectives.
  • Identifying and resolving technical issues and problems through good judgment and decision-making utilizing technical expertise in decision-making
  • Analyzing problems and proposing solutions while dealing with changing priorities
  • Managing cross-functional teams and fostering a positive work environment to encourage collaboration
  • Using creativity and innovation to achieve business objectives by planning and developing projects to be safe, efficient, and effective
  • Working collaboratively and establishing rapport with staff, managers, and people outside the organization
  • Auditing and identifying program issues to maximize productivity on product outcomes
  • Integrating information from diverse sources to support sound decision-making
  • Balancing many projects and consistently delivering timely and accurate results while addressing changing priorities
  • Selecting appropriate performance measures and outcomes to track and measure results using independent judgment
Building & Maintaining Relationships | Professional Impact
  • Cultivating positive relationships and meaningful partnerships across the organization
  • Establishing rapport and negotiating with vendors and department staff to address contract performance issues or conflicts
  • Building and maintaining credibility within the organization and department
  • Fostering trust in conveying new ideas, directions, and goals to staff
Oral and Written Communication | Informing | Listening
  • Presenting ideas, concisely, and logically both verbally and in writing
  • Ensuring timely and high-quality communication of information to internal and external stakeholders
  • Employing effective communication skills for team building, facilitating solutions, and resolving conflicts
  • Actively listens to understand all viewpoints when others speak

Please click to view the minimum qualifications for the Business Services Manager classification as well as the physical & mental requirements and the environmental conditions.

Human Resource Services (HRS) will screen all application materials to identify qualified applicants. After screening, qualified applicants will be referred to the next step in the recruitment process. All applicants will be notified via e-mail of their status in the process.

Veterans Employment Preference Policy (VEPP)
The County is committed to providing a mechanism to give preferential consideration in the employment process to veterans and their eligible spouses and will provide eligible participants the opportunity to receive interviews in the selection process for employment and paid internship openings. Please click to review the policy.

Application Screening (Refer/Non-Refer)
Applications and supplemental responses will be screened for qualifications that are highly desirable and most needed to successfully perform the duties of this job. Only those candidates who meet the qualifications listed in the job bulletin will be referred to the next step.

Structured Oral Interview (Weighted 100%)
Applicants will be interviewed and rated by a panel of job knowledge experts. Each applicant's rating will be based on responses to a series of structured questions designed to elicit the applicant's qualifications for the job.
Based on the Department's needs, the selection procedures listed above may be modified. All candidates will be notified of any changes in the selection procedure.
Eligible List
Once the assessment has been completed, HRS will establish an eligible list of candidates. Candidates placed on the eligible list may be referred to a selection interview to be considered for present and future vacancies.