Communicable Disease Nurse Supervisor

Thurston County
Full Time $7,031 - $9,352 Per year HI Hawaii, USA


**This employment opportunity has been reopened and will remain open until filled.  Thurston County reserves the right to close the recruitment at any time. To ensure consideration for this position, please submit your application as soon as possible.**

Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) is recruiting for a Communicable Disease Nurse Supervisor for our Disease Control and Prevention Division.
As Thurston County’s local health jurisdiction and human services department, Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) is responsible for protecting the health and promoting the well-being of all people who live, work, and play in Thurston County. We value diversity and strive to foster a sense of belonging, honoring the unique experiences, cultures, skills, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives of our employees and community. As an agency actively working to address health equity, we aspire for everyone to have the opportunity to attain their highest level of health, regardless of their individual circumstances.

As the Communicable Disease Nurse Supervisor, you will manage a team of community health nurses who specialize in disease control and prevention programs. You will work closely with the Senior Epidemiologist, Disease Control & Prevention Division Director, and the Health Officer regarding medical aspects of disease control and prevention programs. These programs include but are not limited to, tuberculosis prevention and control, sexually transmitted infection prevention and control, general communicable disease prevention and control, outbreak investigation and management, immunizations, and the drug user health program.
The communicable disease team consists of three community health nurses who manage case investigations from salmonella to tuberculosis. In addition to your supervising responsibilities, you will perform many administrative tasks, such as disease reporting, communicating with outside providers and laboratories, managing cases, and collaborating with national, state, and local public health partners. You will regularly work with and cultivate relationships with diverse, underserved, and underinsured populations across Thurston County.  
Some of the essential job functions include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Assist, direct, and oversee community health nurses regarding medical practice and workflow.
  • Maintain and update community health nurse policies, procedures, and requests.
  • Develop and update training materials and work aids for team use with feedback and input from peers and manager.
  • Manage performance of team, conduct regular meetings, and provide real-time and consistent coaching with all direct reports.
  • Provide leadership and direction and develop strategic short- and long-term goals and objectives for program efficiencies, growth opportunities, and community outreach.
  • Responsible for compliance functions including HIPAA compliance.
  • Provide oversight of cases managed by nursing team in coordination with the Health Officer/Physician.
  • Work collaboratively with epidemiologists, case investigators, program assistants, and other TCPHSS staff during case management, outbreak investigations, data collection, etc. 
  • Collaborate, communicate, develop, and maintain relationships with outside entities and community partners as well as interdepartmental programs.
  • Stay updated on changes in legislature affecting nurses and licensure requirements in Washington State.
  • Provide policy recommendations, present information and make recommendations for system wide improvements. 
  • Clinical duties of this role may include specimen collections (ex: sputum, QFT, TST), immunization clinics, direct observed therapy, emergency response, etc.
The ideal candidate has the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:
  • Knowledge of, and skill in, the application of nursing theory, principles, and techniques employed in the field of public health and related programs.
  • Ability to understand, interpret, and implement guidance, laws, regulations, and policies.
  • Experience using/referring to community resources and organizations.
  • Ability to deal tactfully with others, exercise good judgment in dealing with day-to-day activities, and deescalate challenging situations.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with others and to foster a cooperative working relationship among staff members.
  • Ability to accurately assess, record, enter, and interpret medical instructions and patient records.
  • Ability to be flexible and receptive to change in dealing with staff needs, agency needs, changing patient population, changing program requirements, and other community agencies.
  • Understanding of best practices, safety standards, and therapeutic outcomes related to the specific area(s) of practice.
  • Working knowledge of current social and economic problems relating to public health, including health disparities.
  • Ability to work in partnership with patients and with other service providers to elicit needed information and to maintain effective working relationships.
  • Ability to prioritize work, organize tasks, set and meet deadlines, as well as plan and manage numerous projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions to increase program outreach in collaboration with the epidemiology and surveillance team.
  • Ability to advocate for nursing team and populations served following current standards of care.
  • Comfortability presenting to department leadership, County leadership, Board of Health, and lawmakers in the community.
  • Two years of experience in tuberculosis prevention & control.
  • Experience in disease investigation and outbreak management.
  • Experience working with diverse populations (BIPOC, LGTBQ+, military/veteran, undocumented, houseless, migrant populations).

 What we offer our employees:
  • Work-Life Balance: We are committed to ensuring that our staff experience the reward of public service, while also sustaining a routine that suits each individual’s lifestyle.
  • Plan for Your Future: As a member of our team, you enjoy great employee benefits, including a retirement plan, pre-tax savings accounts, as well as comprehensive health care and dental/vision care for you and your family. Please visit our website for more information. 
  • Paid Leave: Full-time regular employees earn a minimum of 12 paid vacation days per year in addition to 11 paid and 2 floating holidays. 
  • Robust Training Program: Employees are encouraged to attend County-paid training to help them further their career, learn new skill sets, and stay on top of emerging trends in our industry. We also encourage staff to participate in professional organizations and attend conferences.  
  • Flexible Work Schedules:  Options some employees may take advantage of include alternative or compressed schedules and/or remote working.
  • See under Benefitslater in this job description for detailed information about the many other benefits the County offers.
Why you’ll love it here
Thurston County is located between Seattle and Portland in Western Washington’s South Puget Sound Region. Perched between the mountains and the ocean, the area boasts the perfect blend of year-round outdoor activities including boating, hiking, skiing, and more. The region is also home to the state capital city of Olympia, known for its many restaurants, microbreweries, coffee shops, farmers markets, kids’ activities, history, and art events. Discover more about life in Thurston County at


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing or related advanced nursing education.
  • Must be currently licensed as a Washington State Registered Nurse.
  • Three years of practice as a Community Health Nurse II or equivalent. Lead or supervisory experience is preferred.
  • A current and valid Washington State driver’s license.

Desired Skills

Respect and Organizational Culture:

  • Create an environment where employees and partners can safely express needs or concerns and where employees can make and correct mistakes.
  • Effectively interact with sensitivity while working with persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, ethnic, and professional backgrounds, and persons of all ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, and lifestyles.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, robust organization maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Serve the public in a timely, complete, accurate, and professional manner while ensuring that written and verbal communication is clearly understood by others.
  • Maintain cultural competency to support diverse perspectives in developing, implementing, and evaluating policies, programs, and services that affect the health of the community.
  • Strong oral communication for networking and interpersonal relationships.
  • Excellent written communication including the ability to craft correspondence, reports, and articles or web postings with minimal grammatical and syntax errors.
  • Supervise, motivate, and develop employees and team to become more productive and effective in achieving desired goals and career growth while encouraging employee critical reflection; able to give direction without conflict.
  • Show fairness and impartiality in interactions; is interested in employee welfare, elicits staff input where feasible; respond to staff suggestions and complaints in a sincere, sensitive, and timely manner.
Goal Setting and Accomplishment:
  • Use strategic thinking and planning for goal setting and evaluation.
  • Effectively plan, organize, and manage competing priorities and challenges under pressure.
  • Create a sense of mission by articulating and modeling confidentiality, professional values, and ethics with honesty and integrity.
  • Operate with a high degree of flexibility, initiative, attention to detail, and commitment.
  • Delegate and use persuasion and negotiating skills for shared responsibility and acceptance of change.