Correctional Deputy

Dakota County
Full Time 12 per week $53,925 - $84,258 Per year MN 1580 Hwy 55, Hastings, MN 55033, United States


General Description

POSTING TYPE: Open-Competitive
DEPARTMENT: Sheriff's Office
HOURS: Full-time
FULL RANGE: $53,925- $84,258 (106 Grade)
LOCATION: Law Enforcement Center, Hastings
UNION: Teamsters 320
CLOSE DATE: 4:30pm on 6/14/2024

Correctional Deputies are responsible for the control, observation and direct supervision of inmate populations to ensure the maintenance of security, operational rules, procedures and guidelines of the Dakota County Jail. Work is performed in a 24/7 secure facility environment and staff are required to work 12-hour shifts, which includes weekends and holidays. Staff may also have to work on-call, over-time, and forced shift extensions.

Lateral candidates from other agencies are strongly encouraged to applyStarting salary for lateral transfers will be based upon officer qualifications, training, and years of service as a correctional officer.

** This position is being posted to fill current and future permanent vacancies. Please be sure to include ALL relevant work experience, education and training on your application form.

Who We Are
Dakota County is Minnesota’s third largest county and home to more than 400,000 residents. Our motto is “Be More” and we strive every day to achieve excellent public service, with a focus on four values: Service, Integrity, People, and Innovation.
Dakota County aims to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of diverse people, backgrounds, and experiences. Our goal is to have a workforce that is reflective of the communities and individuals we serve. We promote an equitable and culturally aware work environment where everyone can be their authentic selves.

Minimum Qualifications

• High School Graduation/GED AND Two years of full-time work experience from any industry or employer. Convert any part-time experience to full years (i.e. 20 hours week for 2 years equals 1-year full time). Do not round up years of experience (i.e. 2 yrs. 9 mos. would equal 2 years).
• A combination of post high school education (i.e. completed coursework with an unfinished degree) AND full-time work experience from any industry or employer to total two years.
•  A completed 2 or 4 year degree in any field.

Candidates must pass ALL recruitment and pre-employment requirements listed below to become a Correctional Deputy. Candidates who are unable to successfully pass the requirements below will be removed from further consideration.

1. Educational/Experience Qualifications: candidates must meet the minimum qualifications as listed on the posting and be able to produce appropriate documentation.
2. Interviews: Candidates will be asked to complete a series of interviews; this may include phone interviews, oral board interviews and/or interviews with the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.
3. Background Check: candidates must pass a thorough background investigation conducted by the Dakota County Sheriff's Office. Applicants must meet standards regarding acceptable driving and conviction records, law enforcement contacts, employment history, and honesty.
4. Medical Examinations: candidates whom have successfully passed all components above will be scheduled to complete a medical examination. This is the final step in the recruitment process.

Pursuant to Dakota County Policy and Procedures Manual Section 3102 (L), this position is designated as Safety Sensitive.

Duties & Responsibilities

These examples do not include all possible tasks in this work and do not limit the assignment of related tasks in any position of this classification. Regular attendance according to the position's management approved work schedule is required for all positions.  Core Duties of All Correctional Deputy Staff:

1. Represents the Sheriff's Office in a positive, professional manner.
2. Builds and maintains positive working relationships.
3. Maintains standards of dress in accordance with policy and procedure.
4. Understands and complies with policy and procedure to include Sheriff's Office memorandums, directives and notices.
5. Maintains officer safety and situational awareness.
6. Provide credible and truthful reporting and testimony as needed
7. Monitor security precautions and control the movement of inmates & staff within the secure area of the Dakota County Jail via monitors and control panel access or keys control.
8. Provides direct supervision of up to 60 inmates in a housing unit (inmates are not always locked down in their cells, but rather spend most of the day in a common secure area supervised by a correctional deputy.)
9. Patrol facility and make rounds counting and recording prisoners coming into or out of the Dakota County Jail.
10. Book in prisoners following established procedures to include, initial medical assessment, the taking of fingerprints, photographs, and collecting medical information and personal histories of new inmates.
11. Provide security for medical staff as they administer medication, including narcotics, conduct diabetic checks (blood sugar and insulin), and address other medical issues and treatment of inmates according to physician's orders and/or dietary restrictions. 
12. Respond to and assesses emergency situations such as fights, suicide attempts, threats to staff, fire alarms, escape attempts, contraband recovery, and medical situations by applying first aid, enforcing rules, restraining inmates, responding to calls for assistance, or by notifying proper authorities in an attempt to restore order and security.
13. Applies objectively reasonable and necessary amount of force in accordance with Sheriff's Office policy.
14. Respond to calls for assistance throughout the jail and document all incidents and facts by preparing reports on jail problems and discipline.
15. Supervise, coordinate, escort and communicate effectively with inmates in jail housing units. Process, coordinate, and disseminate all needs including, but not limited to, medical issues, courts, programs, visitation, food, clothing, inmate requests and shelter.
16. Conducts searches of inmates (pat or visual strip searches), living areas, cells and visitors for contraband in accordance with jail policy and procedures.
17. Process inmate funds according to standard operating procedures.
18. Process inmate releases to include releasing and returning inmate personal property upon their release from the Dakota County Jail and the processing of bail/bonds.
19. May supervise inmate recreational and visiting periods as well as inmate housekeeping responsibilities within the housing units and inmate worker housekeeping activities throughout the facility such as kitchen and laundry duties.
20. Other duties as assigned or required of a specific job post.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Duties 1-20 are essential functions as well as regular attendance according to the position's management approved work schedule.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities and Work Environment

• Ability to see, hear and remember facts and circumstances to write an accurate report of the facts.
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
• Ability to deal with inmates, coworkers and the public in a fair and respectful manner.
• Ability to solve varied and diverse problems that require deductive reasoning skills.
• Ability to work independently with little supervision, self-motivated.
• Ability to maintain a state of physical fitness to effectively be able to perform the duties of the assignment.
• Considerable ability to work effectively while under stressful situations.
• Ability to lift, carry or drag objects/people weighing up to 100 pounds when responding to emergency situations.
• Knowledge of State, County, and Federal statutes, rules, and regulations.
• Knowledge of the jail's records management system (PCI).
• Knowledge of various medical supplies to include an oxygen kit, defibrillator and tourniquet.
• Knowledge of various restraint methods to include a restraint chair, leg restraints, and handcuffs.
• Knowledge of various issues related to mental health and chemical dependency.
• Knowledge of cultural diversity and different religious practices.
• Knowledge of Alco Sensor (Portable Breath Test).
• Knowledge of infectious diseases and blood-borne pathogens.

Candidates for employment with Dakota County Sheriff's Office must be able to comply with Policy 1043.3 which states that non-offensive tattoos which are visible while working are generally allowed. All tattoos must be approved before allowed to be visible. Tattoos may require covering if they are determined to be unsightly, offensive or a job assignment requires it. Visible tattoos on the ears, head, face, neck or any portion of the hand area are prohibited.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work is performed in a secure jail, supervising inmates incarcerated for criminal activities ranging from misdemeanor to felony offenses. Lifting and/or carrying 10 to 50 pounds daily, and occasionally pushing/pulling/lifting over 100 pounds. Standing or walking 8 to 12 hours daily. Climbing, running and kneeling frequently in response to code calls and inmate disturbances. Exposure to disagreeable odors (e.g., body odors, dirty clothing, human feces), body fluids, hazardous chemicals, communicable diseases (e.g., T.B., hepatitis, AIDS), mentally unstable individuals and individuals under the influence of controlled substances. This work environment also includes the need to distinguish between the colors of blue, khaki, red, green, orange, yellow, white and pink to maintain inmate security. Equipment used may include, but is not limited to, computer, printer, telephone, calculator, copier, 2-way radios, still camera, body-worn camera, intercom, chemical agents, handcuffs, restraint chair, restraints, Alco Sensor, metal detector, control panel, fire and emergency panel, jail policy and procedure manual, Minnesota Rule 2911, mugshot, fingerprint machine, inmate accounting system, medical cart, and blood sugar test kit. Additional physical/mental requirements that occur may not be listed above, but are inherent in performing the position's essential functions.

Current Dakota County employees are eligible for a $500 referral bonus for this position. To be considered employees must submit the referral form prior to the close date of the posting. Staff can find the online and under policy 3101.


  • Comprehensive and affordable medical, dental, vision, and other benefits
  • Excellent work-life balance
  • Generous paid time off (accrual rate starts at four weeks per year)
  • Eleven paid holidays each year
  • Pension with a generous employer contribution
Selection Process
  • You submit an online application that includes supplemental questions
  • We assign you a score based on your qualifications 
  • Top scoring candidates are referred to the hiring manager for interview consideration
  • We conduct background investigation, and medical exam before hiring.
Dakota County Employee Relations
Main Number 651.438.4435
(contact 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday)