Buildings Repair Supervisor

City of New Orleans
$49,889 - $53,750 Per year LA Citywide Services, New Orleans, LA 70114, United States


Kind of Work

Responsible supervisory and technical work in the repair, alteration, remodeling and maintenance of a large group of buildings; and related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Five (5) years of experience in building construction and maintenance, including plumbing or electrical construction work.  At least three (3) years of this experience must have been supervisory, and must have included responsibility for scheduling and coordinating the work of one or more crews.

Kind of Examination

A rating of training and experience, weighted 100%.  All related previous experience will be considered for qualification purposes; however, credit on the rating of training and experience will only be given for experience gained within the last ten (10) years.
This is an original entrance examination.