Behavioral Health Practitioner, Bilingual Desired

County of Marin
Full Time 40-per week $90,105 - $115,772 Per year CA 120 N Redwood Dr Suite 3, San Rafael, CA 94903, United States


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This Behavioral Health Practitioner (Associate or Licensed) recruitment is to establish an eligible list for all Behavioral Health and Social Services Programs.  (Some roles below are Bilingual desired – Spanish/English and some roles are Bilingual Required - Spanish/English)
This list may be used to fill Behavioral Health Practitioner, (Associate or Licensed) vacancies as long as the list is active. As such, you are encouraged to apply even if a vacancy doesn’t exist in the program for which you are interested.

The eligible list established from this recruitment may be used to fill future vacancies for open, fixed-term, full-time or part-time positions which may occur while the list remains active.

Behavioral Health Practitioner, Monolingual salary range: $3,466 biweekly- $4,178 biweekly for 1 FTE positions

Behavioral Health Practitioner, Bilingual salary range: $3,693 biweekly- $4,452 biweekly for 1 FTE positions

There are positions within Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and Social Services.

Social Services Program:
Under the umbrella of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS), the Behavioral Health Practitioner will work as part of the CalWORKs team and would be co-supervised by the CalWORKs Social Service Unit Supervisor and the BHRS Supervisor. CalWORKs is a cash assistance program for families with children and includes the Welfare to Work program which provides case management, supportive services, and referrals to outside community agencies to assist in addressing any barriers to employment.
The Behavioral Health Practitioner provides short-term case management services to CalWORKs clients and their families who have significant barriers inhibiting their ability to secure employment and become self-sufficient. This position includes working with various community groups, providing appropriate referrals, and collaboration amongst other staff (employment counselors, social service workers, program coordinator). Typical tasks include extensive interviewing to identify barriers, assessing needs, and creating case plans for progression. Utilizes statewide computer database system to input client information and interpreting and applying all state/federal programmatic policies and regulations.
The position requires the BHP to be responsible for carrying a caseload of CalWORKs clients and will provide services to English speaking and the Latinx community to reduce barriers and address issues using the client’s preferred language of English or Spanish in service delivery within the Health and Human Services programs. Fluency in Spanish is required.
There is currently one full-time (1 FTE) vacancy in the Division of Employment and Training.
Behavioral Health and Recovery Services:
Children’s Mental Health Services
There is one (1) vacancy which will be filled with a Behavioral Health Practitioner (associate or licensed).

Children’s Mental Health Services provides outpatient individual and family therapy as well as targeted case management.  The position will report to a Children’s Mental Health Unit Supervisor who manages the day-to-day operations.  This position will be assessing children and youth referred to Youth and Family Services (YFS) per their level of care needed and meeting the medical necessity.  This role will be completing clinical assessments, ongoing trauma screenings, with formulating diagnostic impressions, and co-creating treatment plans with client/parents.  Maintaining ongoing, timely documentation for each client is a must, and flexibility to work in the community, clinic and schools is needed, along with a strong sense of collaboration. This position is responsible for carrying a caseload of clients/families providing services in Spanish and English.  This position will also be providing clinical consultation to school staff, community members and other groups as needed and approved by their supervisor.  This role requires bilingual skills (Spanish and English). Some duties of this position may be performed remotely and options to telework up to three days per week and work remaining days onsite are available; however, the successful candidate must be able to report to County facilities for meetings, work assignments, and/or disaster service work upon short notice, as needed and deemed appropriate. While onboarding and training, the successful candidate may be required to work primarily onsite before establishing a hybrid work schedule. 

Forensic System of Care

There is one (1) vacancy which will be filled with a Behavioral Health Practitioner (associate or licensed).

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Coordinator position will be an opportunity to have a significant and meaningful impact on all communities within the County of Marin.  The vision for this unique position is to serve as a connection between community-based programs (988, schools, shelters, etc.), county BHRS services (MCRT/TOT, jail mental health, collaborative courts, full-service partnerships, etc.) and local law enforcement departments (department briefings, etc.).  The position will include client coordination, CIT Stakeholder Committee oversight, and to act as a liaison between law enforcement and mental health professionals, with the goal of avoiding unnecessary incarceration.  Community collaboration through the continued integration of 988, school-based services and the creation of joint-response protocols.  The support of critical incident response, with effective trauma-informed communication, collaboration and coordination.  The position also organizes, designs, and manages the oversight of the biannual CIT Training, which is a 40-hour/weeklong training for law enforcement on crisis de-escalation techniques, common severe mental illnesses observed in the field, cultural competence, self-care, etc.   Data collection and outcome gathering will be required supported by quality management. Bilingual skills in Spanish and English are desired but not required.

The position is Monday-Friday, business hours, and largely community-based with some opportunity for hybrid work.

IMPACT South Program 
There is one (1) vacancy in which will be filled with a Behavioral Health Practitioner (associate or licensed). The IMPACT, South program is a multidisciplinary team that provides mental health treatment services to Marin Medi-Cal beneficiaries diagnosed with severe mental illness.
Under the direction of the assigned Unit Supervisor and based on business needs, the practitioner will be assigned across a variety of BHRS programs. The practitioner will provide intensive case management or screening and referral services to the adult/older adult population across the age spectrum of 18 y.o. and up. Duties will include ongoing comprehensive assessment, treatment planning, and acting as client advocates when clients are not able to advocate for themselves. This position will also be providing services to the Latinx community in order to reduce barriers to service within this community; thus, bilingual/bicultural experience in Spanish is needed. This role will work regularly with the ACASA program to provide clinical supervision to program volunteers. This role is required to be in the office or in the field/community and bilingual skills (Spanish and English) are highly desired.


Our Highly Qualified Candidate: 
The ideal candidate has experience in providing clinical assessment and/or diagnosis of mental health disorders and will be comfortable working with diverse, vulnerable, urban and rural populations. Experience working with clients across the lifespan in a mental health setting and/or clients who meet criteria for serious mental health/serious emotional disturbance is ideal. Written and oral communication skills should be excellent. The ideal candidate will have the ability to work independently and be self-directed as well as work well with a team of highly skilled professionals. The candidate should have excellent judgment and decision-making skills, should be well versed in community resources, and have excellent computer and documentation skills in addition to excellent work habits. The ideal candidate will be able to work successfully in a high volume, fast paced work environment and be able to manage psychiatric crisis and meet productivity standards. The ideal candidate will understand the importance of collaboration and will strive to have strong working relationships with team members, clients, families, volunteers, other Health & Human Services providers, and community partners. In addition, the ideal candidate will have experience working collaboratively with psychiatric emergency services and acute psychiatric hospital units. Additionally, the ideal candidate will need to possess effective working skills such as, organization, time management and communication, both verbal and written. The candidate also possesses the ability to manage/consult around complex clinical issues, identify/implement goals, and be a collaborative team member. The ideal candidate has experience providing clinical services including assessment, diagnosis or ongoing treatment using Spanish language skills with the Latinx community.  

For Social Services:The ideal candidate for this position will have specific experience providing clinical assessment and/or diagnosis of mental health disorders as well as providing short-term individual and group therapy services to clients receiving CalWORKs benefits and their families who are experiencing several barriers such as: homelessness, domestic abuse, mental and physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and substance use, to name a few. They have knowledge of the Welfare-to-Work program within the CalWORKs program and understand the goals of the program. 

For Children’s Mental Health Services: The ideal candidate will have experience with both latency and adolescent age youth, experience in completing clinical assessments, providing individual, family and group therapy in both public service system (government) and school systems. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience working with serious and challenging at risk young children and youth, and work with a trauma informed lens.  The ideal candidate will be able to case manage and work well with diverse and low–income families who are marginalized, present with multiple stressors, language barriers, have significant trauma histories, and many other challenges they face daily. 
For Forensic System of Care: The person in the CIT Coordinator position must be comfortable in a new position, with the flexibility to take direction and make innovative contributions to help develop the role.  The ability to successfully multi-task and track various projects is required.  The ability to have both a large-scale understanding of county-wide services, as well as the interpersonal ability to collaborate with community partners will be a helpful skill to have and develop. The CIT Coordinator will be clinically competent with prior direct-client care, as well as have some experience managing projects, reporting outcomes, and public-speaking/presenting.  The ideal candidate will see this position as an opportunity to create a network of partnerships using a multi-agency approach and have a mix of primarily professional collaboration and coordination with occasional direct service work when needed. 
For IMPACT South: The ideal candidate will have experience working independently and be self-directed as well as work well with an intensive, multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals. The ideal candidate will understand the importance of collaboration and will strive to have strong working relationships with all internal and external stakeholders. The ideal candidate will be able to work successfully in a high volume, fast paced work environment. The candidate will have the ability to work with workgroups with stakeholders from different parts of the organization and community. The ideal candidate will demonstrate clear and effective communication skills, both oral and written. The candidate will have a record of meeting deadlines and maintaining productivity standards.
We recognize your time is valuable, so please do not apply if you do not have at least the following required Minimum Qualifications:

EITHER possession of a Master's degree from an accredited institution in social work, psychology, counseling or a closely related field by first date of employment OR possession of a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology or a closely related field by first date of employment AND equivalent to one year of clinical behavioral health experience under qualified supervision in a behavioral health setting appropriate to the assignment.
Certificates & Licenses

Behavioral Health Practitioner
From the first day of employment, an employee must be registered with the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences as an Associate Clinical Social Worker, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist OR Associate Professional Clinical Counselor AND employees must successfully pass the licensing exam within six years from the date of employment. 
From the first date of employment, an employee who is an unlicensed Psychologist is required to be waiver-eligible AND must successfully pass the licensing exam within the five-year waiver period.
Failure to obtain licensure within specified timelines will result in termination of employment. Incumbents must acquire the appropriate licensure before advancing to the Licensed Crisis Specialist.

Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioner 
Must be professionally licensed by the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor OR must be professionally licensed as a Clinical Psychologist issued by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Board of Psychology.
Qualified non-California residents must submit proof of license eligibility in California that meets the requirement of their prospective licensing board and be waiver eligible from the California Department of Health Care Services.
Failure to obtain licensure within the specified timelines, and/or loss of State registration at any time, will result in termination of employment.
Employees who drive on County business to carry out job-related duties must possess a valid California driver’s license for the class of vehicle driven and meet automobile insurability requirements of the County including review of a recent DMV history. At the time of the selection interview by the appointing authority, applicants will have to furnish a recent DMV driving record.   


All applicants will receive email notifications regarding their status in the recruitment process. Please be sure to check your spam settings to allow our emails to reach you. You may also log into your account to view these emails.

Testing and Eligible List: 
Depending on the number of qualified applications received, the examination may consist of a highly qualified review, application screening, online assessment, written examination, oral examination, performance examination, or any combination to determine which candidates' names will be placed on the eligible list.
The eligible list established from this recruitment will be used to fill the current vacancy and any future vacancies for open, fixed-term, full-time or part-time positions which may occur while the list remains active.


Because this recruitment is Open and Continuous, applicants are encouraged to submit completed applications as soon as possible. The filing period for an Open and Continuous recruitment may be closed at any time. 

Candidates selected are subject to fingerprinting by the Sheriff's Department and must pass a Department of Justice LiveScan background check prior to appointment.

For Some Forensics roles, Background Investigation: 
Successful applicants will be subject to a thorough and rigorous background investigation which may include, but is not limited to, a criminal records check, interviews with friends, relatives, neighbors and employers; verification of DMV records; and overall employment and education history. An applicant may be disqualified for past criminal convictions, poor driving record, providing false background information, and other reasons.  

Disaster Service Workers:
All County of Marin employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the County requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.