Auditor V

State of Hawaii
12) semester credit per week HI SOH Dept. of Land & Natural Resources, 1151 Punchbowl St, Honolulu, HI 96813, United States


Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number 24-0175
The immediate vacancies are with the Department of Accounting & General Services (DAGS) and Department of Taxation.

Salary:  $5,713 to $6,949 per month (SR-24, Step D to I)

Note:  Hiring rates will be based on availability of funds, the applicant's qualifications, and other relevant factors.

This continuous recruitment may be closed at any time.  The notice of the last day to file applications will be posted on the State of Hawaii's Civil Service Job Opportunities Listing page of our website.

Duties Summary

Supervises and participates in field audits of governmental books of accounts, business entities, regulated public utilities and transportation companies, etc.; assumes complete charge of a team of auditors engaged in an extensive or complicated audit; prepares financial exhibits and audit reports; and performs other related duties as assigned.

This position has continuing responsibility for the technical direction and supervision of a staff of lower-level auditors and/or perform work regularly encompassing the most difficult and complex auditing problems. Assignments are given in terms of general objectives, and work is performed independently of technical review by the supervisor. Determinations made are based on specialized knowledge and precedents and decisions  which can be interpreted and applied only through the use  of experienced judgment. Personal contact at this level may also involve appearing as the department's representative at commission and court hearings.

Positions in this class is typically (but not exclusively) a supervisory position involving planning, directing, advising on and reviewing the auditing activities of a staff of auditors engaged in the more comprehensive audits.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Legal Authorization to Work:
The State of Hawaii requires all persons seeking employment with the government of the State shall be citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens of the United States, or eligible under federal law for unrestricted employment in the United States.

Education: A bachelor's degree from an accredited four (4) year college or university with at least twelve (12) semester credit hours in accounting and/or auditing subjects.

Specialized Experience: Four (4) years of progressively responsible professional auditing experience requiring the knowledge and application of generally accepted professional accounting and auditing principles, standards, theory and practices for the purpose of analyzing and interpreting accounting books, records, or systems.

Supervisory Aptitude: Supervisory aptitude rather than actual supervisory experience may be accepted. This requirement will be considered to have been met when there is strong affirmative evidence of the necessary supervisory abilities and/or potential.

Driver's License: Some positions require possession of a valid driver's license at the time of appointment.  The immediate vacancies have this requirement.

Substitutions Allowed: Relevant substitutions as described in the Minimum Qualification Requirements will apply.

The information provided above represents a summary of the complete Minimum Qualification Requirements (MQRs). To view the MQRs in their entirety, please .