Airport Principal Services Agent

City of New Orleans
$68,909 Per year LA 1 Terminal Dr, Kenner, LA 70062, United States


Kind of Work

Professional supervisory and administrative work planning, coordinating, designing, and implementing a wide variety of public relations and community outreach functions and strategies for the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Responsibilities include responding to requests for information from the public and the media. Work also includes designing, writing, and editing a variety of printed materials including brochures, flyers, newsletters, press releases, reports, program policies, proposals, and other marketing and promotional materials. Duties include preparing written correspondence for leadership staff regarding major or unusual situations as well as preparing effective oral presentations or speeches, proactively developing and facilitating releases to the media on developing/breaking stories, investigations, and/or other areas of public concern; creating and monitoring the content for standard social media platforms; monitoring media coverage and ensuring accuracy of messages; implementing public information strategies to project a positive image of the Airport; implementing an internal employee communications strategy; developing, maintaining and implementing effective crisis communications plans for a variety of issues; and related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. A Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism, or a closely related field from an accredited college or university.
  2. Five (5) years of progressive, highly responsible professional work in public relations, communications, journalism, or a closely related field. Professional experience must have been gained in a position that required a Bachelor's Degree upon entrance.
  3. A valid driver's license.* Applicants must be eligible for coverage under the airport's auto liability insurance policy. 

Note:  Candidates must pass a personal, criminal, and employment background check required under federal regulations.

This position requires a true team-player and optimist by nature, who must possess the ability to present positively, be flexible to the dynamically changing airport environment and be a consensus-builder. The successful candidate will show a demonstrated track record of continuous good-attitude collaboration, and a solid practice of positivity in the workplace, as required.

Kind of Examination

A rating of training and experience weighted 100%.  All related previous experience will be considered for qualification purposes; however, credit on the rating of training and experience will only be given for experience gained within the last ten (10) years.

Note:  Candidates must pass a personal, criminal, and employment background check required under federal regulations.

This is an original entrance examination.