Assistant Chief Of Telecommunications And Electronic Services

Baltimore County
$77,104 - $84,254 Per year MD 400 Washington Ave #33, Towson, MD 21204, United States


Pay Schedule XII, Grade 3M

A vacancy exists in the Office of Information Technology.  
A list of eligible applicants will be established based on the examination as outlined below.

Current and future vacancies occurring in any Office or Department of Baltimore County General Government may be filled from the list of eligible applicants.

All interested transfer and promotional candidates must apply at this time.  

List all promotions and changes in job duties due to reclassification as separate work experiences on your application.  Applicants must include the dates of the promotions and reclassifications.

Note:  Failure to complete all fields of the "Work Experience" section of the application will result in your application not being considered.  A resume will not be considered in determining your qualifications for a position.  Applicants selected for an interview may provide a resume at that time.

You can attach your transcript(s) or license(s) to your application.

Failure to submit proof of Licenses, Certifications and Education will result in your application not being considered.  Proof of licenses, certifications, and/or education must be submitted with each application.

Examples of Duties

Under general supervision, assists in supervising and coordinating the activities of the Telecommunications and Electronic Services Division of the Office of Information Technology, and trains technical personnel.

  • Schedules personnel, assigns tasks, conducts performance evaluations, initiates disciplinary action, participates in hiring decisions of all technical and clerical staff in the division.
  • Assists the Chief in receipt, analysis, prioritization, and assignment of requests for service by other agencies.
  • Assists in planning, designing, and implementing radio, telephone, and other telecommunications and electronic services for all County agencies, including police, fire, and public works departments. Collects, analyzes, and reports data about the County communications systems. Writes specifications for new equipment and modifications of existing equipment. Provides technical assistance to agencies that use communications systems.
  • Establishes and conducts technical training programs and follow-up. Recommends and develops Division standard orders of procedures.
  • Advises, supervises, or assists subordinate supervisors and technical staff on difficult or unique projects and as required for 24 hour and emergency maintenance and repair of equipment. Travels to off-site locations throughout the County as needed.
  • Monitors and maintains current licensing and records for all radio equipment. Assists in preparation of Division budget and the communications budgets of other agencies. Prepares requisitions and other correspondence.
  • Performs the duties of Chief of the Division in their absence.
Examples of Other Duties
Represents the Division on committees or at public meetings. Performs data entry/retrieval, recordkeeping, and other general office functions and related duties as required.

(NOTE: The duties and responsibilities listed above are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications for all positions in this class. They may not include all of the essential job functions of each position in the class. Each position may not be required to perform all of the essential job functions listed.)


Required Qualifications
Graduation from a two year full time course at a recognized trade school or community college with emphasis on mobile communications systems technology or a closely related field,
six years' experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of land mobile communications systems, or in closely related electronic work, two years of which were in a supervisory capacity.

(Additional experience as listed above may substitute for the required education on a year for year basis. Additional education in electrical/electronic engineering or technology may be substituted for two years of the required non-supervisory experience.)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Entry Level)
Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of design, installation, maintenance, and repair of land-mobile communications systems. Thorough knowledge of F.C.C. rules and regulations governing communications systems. Thorough knowledge of automotive electrical systems. Knowledge of data and telephone circuitry and interconnections.

Skill in troubleshooting and repairing telecommunication equipment.
Mathematical skills. Skill in use of telecommunication equipment and computers, as well as the tools and equipment used for their installation, maintenance, and repair.

Ability to develop and conduct technical training and to monitor and evaluate training levels of personnel. Ability to interpret blueprints, wiring schematics, and shop drawings. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to maintain records and prepare reports. Supervisory ability. Ability to work discreetly in sensitive areas of operation.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Full Performance)
Knowledge of County and Department rules, regulations, policies, and procedures regarding personnel, budget, and purchasing. Thorough knowledge of the radio, telephone, and electronic needs and resources of all County agencies.

Skill in developing estimates and specifications for electronic equipment and systems. Supervisory and human relations skills.

Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with subordinates, supervisors, and representatives of other County agencies. Ability to meet and maintain the radio, telephone, and electronic needs of all County agencies by effectively coordinating the personnel and resources of the division. Ability to perform the duties of the Division Chief. Ability to keep abreast of changes in the telecommunications and electronics fields, especially as they relate to the needs of County agencies.

Character Requirements
All applicants must be of good moral character and emotionally stable as determined by a comprehensive background investigation.

Licenses and Certificates
Possession of a F.C.C. General Class Radio-Telephone License, preferably with radar endorsement, or an equivalent private sector technician certification recognized by Baltimore County is preferred.

Possession of a valid driver's license equivalent to a non-commercial, class C Maryland driver's license is required at the time of appointment.

Proof of Licenses, Certifications and Education
Applicants are required to submit proof of licenses, certifications and education beyond high school to meet the required and preferred qualifications of the position. Diplomas or transcripts must show the applicant’s major field of study. Copies and unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Failure to submit proof of Licenses, Certifications and Education will result in your application not being considered. Proof of licenses, certifications, and/or education must be submitted with each application.

Proof of Degree Equivalency
Applicants who have obtained a degree from outside the United States of America are required to submit degree equivalence documentation from World Education Services, Inc. (

Mail or deliver documents to:
ATTN:  Asst Chief of Telecommunications and Electronic Services 
Office of Human Resources
Baltimore County Government
308 Allegheny Ave.
Towson, MD 21204

You can attach your transcript(s) or license(s) to your application.

Applicants will be qualified based on an evaluation of their training and experience, as stated on their application, which includes answers to the supplemental questions. Applicants must state the dates and duties of past and present experience clearly and completely for evaluation purposes.

Conditions of Employment

Employees hired after July 1, 2022 are required to participate in the Baltimore County Employees' Retirement System, with very limited exceptions.

Physical and Environmental Conditions
This position requires frequent walking, standing, and lifting or carrying of objects of moderate weight (12-20 pounds), operation of a motor vehicle and tools and equipment in which manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination are important. Occasional heavy lifting (100 pounds or over) and working in adverse weather conditions occurs.

Employment Background Investigation
Applicants selected for an appointment to a position in Baltimore County must successfully complete an employment background investigation, including, but not limited to a criminal background, education, and fingerprint check.