The highest paying jobs in the UK

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Are you wondering highest-paying jobs in the United Kingdom? There are much higher jobs that will blow your mind.

In the United Kingdom, career opportunities are bound. And with salaries fast enough to meet the country’s high cost of living and your financial aspirations, you don’t have to be a lawyer or data scientist to earn that much. Another popular profession people look to is investment banking. But still, these three are not the highest paying jobs in the UK. There are other jobs that pay much higher.

White List of 10 Highest-Paying Jobs

10. Software Developer

A software developer is a professional who develops computer applications, enabling users to perform specific operations on computers or other devices. Sometimes also called a software engineer, he develops information systems and solutions that optimize work processes. He would effectively collect and analyze necessary technical data to get his work done. Developers or engineers may also customize or repair existing systems, running devices, or control networks. And more often than not, the software development or engineering profession requires working in an office or from home. To qualify as a software developer, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or information technology, among other relevant majors, is often required. You must also have job experience, including being familiar with various computer languages such as C, Java, PHP, Python, XML and HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. You can’t do well without the knowledge of OSes such as Linux, HPX, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS, and Windows.

Average Annual income: £50,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Information Technology

9. Financial Manager

Another lucrative job in the UK is being a financial manager, also called financial managing and directing. If this is your job, you’ll be responsible for monitoring your organization’s finance. You’ll also need to be making regular financial analyses, from which you’ll be offering professional guidance to the management of your company and professional colleagues so that they can make better sound business decisions that will sustain growth and increase profits. Membership in relevant professional organizations recognized in the UK will also be an added advantage. To be saddled with this responsibility, you must have got ten years of experience in a corporate environment or corporate governance. Of course, in most situations, the more you’ve experienced, the higher you’ll pay.

Average Annual income: £55,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics

8.  Medical Professional

This is a very wide professional umbrella. Nevertheless, one of the highest paying jobs in the UK, and of course in most countries, is being a medical practitioner and it’s not practical to fix their pay. However, in the UK the amount listed above is the average payer of medical professionals, bearing in mind that some of their specialties earn almost double that in this category are anesthetists hospital consultants, general practitioners, pediatricians, psychiatrists, radiologists surgeons, and other professionals whose job it is to cater to patients good mental and physical health. Similarly, requirements for qualifications for this job vary according to the specific profession. In all cases, though, a bachelor’s degree in medicine recognized by the UK’s authority regulating doctors’ practice, namely the General Medical Council, is needed, you must be willing to devote at least five years to rigorous study in an accredited University.

Average Annual income: £58,000

Qualifications: According to the professions

7. Aircraft Pilots

As lucrative and exciting as the job of an aircraft pilot is, the challenge is huge. For one thing, you’ll be physical away from your families most of the time. You’ve got to note also the risk involved in the job of a pilot, there’s a very tiny chance of surviving any mishap. Meanwhile, you’re responsible for the lives of dozens of passengers and your crew. Air pilots’ daily schedules are always tight and they have no input in this scheduling. They just have to adjust their circumstances to meet them. You need to understand all that in your career path before you begin the intensive training regimen that qualifies you as a pilot. Before you can be permitted to fly a plane into and within the UK, you must have completed a significant amount of training without which you can’t safely fly a plane. In addition to getting an aircraft license, you must also regularly pass rigorous medical examinations to ascertain your mental and physical health status.

Average Annual income: £60,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant subject.

6. Data Scientists

Another high-paying job in the UK is data science. Similar to medical and other technical professions, a data scientist needs to be precise and accurate. He must collect, store and process all relevant data to meet the Organisation’s goals. If you’re keen on clarity, figures, and planning, this can be a great opportunity for you. You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to become a data scientist. To qualify, however, you must know statistical languages such as Python and SQL. You must also be skilled in creating data architectures. You have to appreciate the fact that this is a multidisciplinary field, but in all cases you’ll understand how to deploy scientific and mathematical methods with algorithms, processes, and systems before you extract, organize and analyze data.

Average Annual Income: £65,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

5. Lawyer

Another one of the highest paying jobs in the UK is a lawyer. You can either be in your private practice or be employed as an in-house lawyer. Bear in mind also that the legal profession is multifarious finance, crime, property and all sorts of house legal professionals, including attorneys and legal consultants, are primarily responsible for legally supporting their organizations as solicitors on the law governing their operations. They also act on behalf of their principles in legal matters. As barristers in the UK, to be recognized as a lawyer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in law and complete a legal practice course as well as a two-year training program. Meanwhile, you can enter into the profession as a paralegal through an apprenticeship program in the UK such that you learn on the job.

Average Annual Income: £65,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Law

4. Investment Banker

If you’re an investment banker, you’re in one of the highest-paid jobs in the UK. Your duty will be to offer expert financial advice to corporate organizations, institutions, and governments that will assist them in achieving their financial goals and security so that they can continue to be successful. To become an investment banker, you need a bachelor’s degree in banking, finance, accounting, or any other relevant course in addition to four years of professional work experience. Completing an investment banking internship will be proof of your seriousness about this Career Choice.

Average Annual Income: £70,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Banking, Finance, and Accounting

3. Marketing Director

The Marketing Director has one of the most lucrative jobs in the UK. The job is certainly not for rookies. They usually start as marketing managers. They’re sometimes known as Sales Directors. In a marketing company, the Marketing Directories are known as the Managing Director. He’s also usually responsible for planning the promotion of the company’s products or brands so as to increase the company’s share of the market. Some employed marketing directors may later become marketing consultants. To become a director, you need at least an undergraduate degree. You can also have a postgraduate degree and or professional qualifications. You must have several years’ experience in a senior management role with the proof that you’ve handled major accounts and marketing campaigns. Due to the importance of marketing strategies to companies’ ability to maintain or extend prestige in the market, a would-be marketing director must have the professional capacities to plan and organize marketing campaigns and also operate within sales.

Average Annual Income: £80,000

Qualifications: Undergraduate Degree.

2. IT Director

This is another highly paid professional that is in constant demand in every business environment. Its directors are responsible for managing the development of information technology systems for institutions, companies, and governments. Since computers are used everywhere in every operation of a company or an organization, It directors are the ones in charge of establishing and maintaining the entire computer system. In those setups, you need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or another relevant degree, including a postgraduate. However, none of this is a must these days. Just a professional qualification is required together with years of relevant experience in a senior It management role. Many without a University degree but with knowledge of computers and their operation often get the job. Some even learn online.

Average Annual Income: £90,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

1. CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an organization is the most senior professional in an organization and is on top of the organogram. He is the one to devise strategies and policymaking for the smooth running of the organization. He organizes and coordinates all financial activities in a company. He is also responsible for ensuring that the company is meeting financial goals. This requires that he makes important decisions ranging from daily to short, medium, or long-term financial planning strategies. He approves the appointment of senior and middle managers to head specific departments. While these all report to him, a bachelor’s postgraduate degree or a professional qualification may be needed in a related field. What’s more important is a proven track record of good decisions made. You also need several years of experience as a senior manager or Director. While you may be employed to manage a business as the CEO, professionals like these are oftentimes in charge of their own business. In limited liability companies, they may be selected from among the giant shareholders. In the UK, employment opportunities are bound, but these are the highest paying jobs that are in the.

Average Annual Income: £150,000

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Postgraduate Degree

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