How To Link Overwatch Account To Overwatch 2: Merge Your Account

Tamjid Prottoy posted

The Overwatch players eagerly want to link their account to Overwatch 2. The last progression they have now they want to carry their progression into Overwatch 2 profile. Overwatch requires a account to play the game. So everyone needs to link their console accounts to

Overwatch now launched cross-progression which means players can merge their multiple accounts into Overwatch 2 on a single profile. With the new launch, Overwatch 2 requires a This is the only option to save the progression. Those who have a previous console profile but don't have a account, don't be concerned. You can merge your account with a account.

Overwatch 2 allows players to take their progress with them wherever they go. This means that it doesn't matter whether you're playing on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you'll make progress regardless.

How Do I Merge My Account?

Whatever you are playing on. To save your progress, just link with

  • Start Overwatch on your console.
  • Make sure to log in using the correct profile.
  • If you haven't already linked your account to your console profile, you can do so now.
  • To link your account, select Options.
  • Scroll over until you find the Link Account tab.
  • Follow the instructions and scan the QR code with your mobile device.
  • Log into or create your account.
  • With your console profile linked to your account, select Account Merge on the main menu.
  • Verify that the account and console profile are both correct, then confirm account, like in the example picture below.
  • You'll need to repeat this for every console account that you intend to use to play Overwatch 2.

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