FIFA 23 Activation: How To Activate Profile

Tamjid Prottoy posted

In the recent release of Fifa 23, people are so excited to get started with the new version of the game. People are eager to activate their profile to start a career mode. With all the new features and new modes, it is getting harder to find a profile activation system. So, we will show you the right way to find where you can activate your profile and start a career mode with enthusiastics.

After it was released on 27th September, the people of the FIFA community were diving into this strategic game. FIFA 23 features a new career mode that requires a profile. Players are unable to find the profile for activation.

FIFA 22 was a great game. The different modes make it more exciting for all players of FIFA 22. Exhibition mode is just the start, giving you various matches. They also have Volta, Ultimate Team, and Pro Club - of course with a few updates. One of the most awesome updates of FIFA 22 is being able to create your own club! And, same goes for FIFA 23.


How To Activate Profile

Profile activation is very very very necessary for the players. If you don't activate your profile you will lose your progress. The long way you have gone, you will lose it unless you activate your profile. So, don't waste your time.

  • Launch FIFA 23 and head over to its Home Screen.
  • You need to select the Customization option to the bottom right.
  • Then, select the Profile option and hit the Profile Manager option.
  • You will see all of your user profiles in the list. So, you can select the profile and activate it from there.
  • This will activate your profile and allow you to save your Career progress.

If the methods don't work, I suggest you restart your game and your device also.

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