Cash Loan

Starting APR 498.34%

Morses Club offers small cash loans from £300 to £1000. If you are looking for some extra cash for unexpected expenses, one of Morses Club's quick cash loans could help, subject to affordability. Morses Club is a responsible lender who will only lend what you can afford to repay to avoid unnecessary debt.

Existing customers can borrow between £100 and £1500 subject to approval. Minimum Term 35 weeks  Maximum Term 52 weeks  Maximum Apr 498.34%.


  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 498.34%
  • Borrowing Amount £300 - £1000
  • Maximum Loan Term upto 1 years
  • Processing Time 1 day
  • Loan Types Fixed Rate, Short Term, Unsecured


  • You need to be 18 years of age or above
  • Must be a citizen of the UK
  • You should have a functional bank account.

Morses Club provides small cash loans to your door for customers who are based all over the UK. With a short online application form and all circumstances considered, our loans make borrowing and repaying cash simple and straightforward.

4 reasons to choose Morses Club for doorstep loans

No hidden fees

  • Morses Club doesn’t charge for missed or late payments, bounced cheques, or defaulted card payments. You only pay back what you agree to when you take out your loan agreement.

No complicated forms

  • Morses Club uses clear language and everything about Morses Club loans is transparent.

Morses Club loans start small

  • Morses Club loans start small – Morses Club offers cash loans from £300 to £1000.